YouTube temporarily bans Steven Crowder for hurting transgender feelings

American Marxism, unable to use economics to attack America, now opts for tribalism, dividing Americans into victims and abusers.  The abusers are always straight White men.  Currently, the left's two primary victim classes are Blacks and LGBTers, especially so-called transgender people.  Anything you say about them that is not slavishly supportive is hate speech, and that's true whether your statements are factually accurate or not.  And that's why popular YouTuber Steven Crowder has been put in YouTube's deep freeze.

Steven Crowder is a popular conservative with a website and two channels on YouTube, one with 5.5 million subscribers and the other with 1 million subscribers.  Between the two channels, he uploads streaming content (his show) and videos that advance his mainstream conservative viewpoints.

On Friday, YouTube sent Crowder a notice that it had deleted an offending video and frozen for a week the channel that ran the video as punishment for his having dared to state that so-called "transgender women" (i.e., men) are a rape risk to women:

On September 30, Mr. Crowder uploaded another video that YouTube has determined continues his prior conduct. The video entitled ""Special Guest ALEX JONES on 'Great Reset' & Joe Rogan TRIGGERS Leftists AGAIN!" contains a segment that targets the transgender community in an offensive manner, for example, by indicating that trans people pose a rape threat to women. Consistent with the recklessness provisions of its hate speech policy, YouTube has removed this video from the service and assessed a strike against the Steven Crowder channel. Per YouTube's strikes policy, this results in a one-week upload freeze for the channel. Further violation of YouTube's hate speech policy will result in additional penalties.

According to YouTube, as you see, Crowder was "recklessly" putting so-called "transgender" people at risk.  But of course, Crowder was doing nothing more than stating the truth.  Because California now houses so-called men in women's prisons, women are finding themselves the victims of sexual assault, with one of these women recently becoming pregnant thanks to an alleged transgender rape.

Then there's Chris Chan.  He's a Virginia man who claims to be a woman.  He's also a man who raped his 79-year-old mother, a woman with dementia.  And because Virginia is now a blue state governed by leftists who believe they can bend reality to their will, the fact that Chan "identifies" as a woman means that he is being housed in a women's jail.

England has taken the lead in this madness of housing men in women's prisons.  The results have been predictable and terrible for the women trapped in prison with these mentally ill men (emphasis mine):

The United Kingdom Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has revealed that inmates who identify as transgender are responsible for a rate of sexual attacks that is exponentially higher than their proportion of the population of women's jails and prisons.

In response to a question that former Labour Party General Secretary Baroness McDonagh put before Parliament, the MoJ has acknowledged that, while inmates who identify as transgender make up about one percent of the 3,600 inmates in women's jails and prisons, they have committed 5.6% of all reported sexual assaults.

Just one more example will suffice to show that Crowder spoke the truth.  England's "Karen White" is a man who was put in prison after he stabbed a neighbor.  Although he had a long history of sexual assault, exposure, sexually abusing minors, and cruelty to animals, because he "identifies" as a woman, the British authorities put him in a woman's prison.  Once there, he promptly sexually assaulted female prisoners.

In other words, men who claim to be women absolutely pose a threat to women.  Not all such men are rapists.  Indeed, very few may be.  But transgender madness assures that the rapists among them are given easy access to vulnerable women.  So Steven Crowder spoke the truth — but because the LGBT class in America is not a victim class, but a protected one, Crowder is now paying the price for his honesty.

All that needs to be done to change this situation is to alter the existing law regarding social media sites to hold that if these sites act as editors rather than bulletin boards, they can be sued.  Let the marketplace of ideas, including the crucible of an honestly conducted trial, cut them down to size.  I also recommend that conservatives start putting their original content on Rumble, thereby depriving YouTube of the traffic it gets.

Image: Steven Crowder.  Rumble screen grab.

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