Who are the sensible people about COVID?

About half the U.S. population has been "vaccinated."  Since the remaining population is unwilling to be jabbed, some say they should be punished by being required to show a vaccine passport (that they don't have) for entry into a myriad of places. 

Or are the unvaccinated the more sensible?  If a person has been vaccinated, then he is protected from COVID.  Isn't that what vaccines are for?  And if a person is protected, why should he worry about whether anyone else is vaccinated?

Maybe the hysterical ones who want to make sure every single person in the U.S. is jabbed should get a grip, get educated, and enjoy their own vaccinated status while leaving everyone else alone.

Or do they know something we don't?

Here's what we do know.

1. The "vaccine" is not a vaccine.  Although consumers of the corporate media weren't allowed to see it, this fact has been widely reported in the alternative press.  The technology is based on mRNA, which is a clue to its components.  It's a genetic experiment that has not been tested or vetted.  We are its lab rats.

2. Will it damage us physically or mentally?  No one can predict what will happen — either now or years from now — to those who allow their genes to be altered with a misnamed "vaccine" for the sake of a mild disease with vastly inflated, in the U.S., numbers of cases and deaths.

3. We also know that hundreds of deaths have been observed so far among the newly vaccinated.  Researchers are saying more people may be dying from the "vaccine" than died from COVID.  And that's just the beginning.  The long-term effects are waiting in the wings.

It has been announced that the U.S. has a higher case rate than any other country.  The corruption in counting is clear for all to see.  Did they think they could keep it a secret?

4. We know from censored reports (see Dr. Mercola and LewRockwell.com) that there are effective, nonlethal remedies, reported by many physicians, including ivermectin, an anti-parasite medication that is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, whose inventors won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, and hydroxychloroquine, an old and effective remedy for COVID.  Just ask Donald Trump.

Both of these medicines are effective, and neither of them is deadly.  Why aren't they recommended by the WHO, the AMA, the CDC, or your local doctor?  It's not for your benefit.  Doctors and citizens have also found a number of useful natural remedies, like zinc, Vitamin D-3, and Vitamin C.

Why the hard push for vaccines?  Vaccines have been around for decades, and there has never before been as hard a sell to get everyone vaccinated.  Many of our vaccines are for conditions that have been eradicated or are rare in the U.S.  That includes most childhood diseases.  Smallpox was eradicated from the world in the 1970s, while I was at the CDC.  So why are our kids still being vaccinated for it?

What is going on here?

Is the government planning to create a state of permanent emergency?

–The lockdown was supposed to "flatten the curve" within a few weeks.  Remember?  It didn't work.

–Wearing masks was supposed to fix the problem.  It didn't work, either.

–Staying six feet apart was a sure cure.  Except it wasn't.

Viruses, by their very nature, mutate.  The delta variant is now the subject of much concern.  This could go on forever with one new COVID variety after another cropping up.  Requiring one booster shot after another.  Or for as long as we'll put up with it.

There was never a good reason for the lockdown.  Non-inflated numbers told of few serious cases.  Most people got sick and then got well.  Those who died mostly were the elderly and physically compromised.  As has happened with the flu.

Overseas news tells repeatedly about massive demonstrations in one country after another as citizens protest the gulag-like interference with their liberty.

There are undeniable signs, mostly unreported, of popular dissension here in the U.S. as well, as thousands of doctors petition the government for an actual fact-based approach, as football games, concerts, and more are jammed with unmasked, near-neighbors, participants thumbing their collective noses at the government.  Businesses and hospital wings from coast to coast have been required to shutter as a result of Biden's uncompromising vaccine mandate, and the stringent obstinacy of the public.

Unyielding belligerence may be what it takes to regain and preserve our liberty.  Because those with newfound power won't voluntarily relinquish it.

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