Where is the outrage?

Where is our outrage? A duly elected president has been illegally surveilled, slandered, libeled, and undermined. False witness has been brought against him, yet the guilty remain free, in power, and unapologetically above the laws to which their constituents are beholden.

Where is our outrage? A Presidential election has been stolen. Incontrovertible proof of massive, organized, election fraud has been uncovered and put before legislative bodies, most of which have responded by vilifying the investigators and threatening them with prosecution.

Where is our outrage? An unremarkable pathogen with a 99.7% survivability rate has been fashioned into a cudgel with which overreaching federal and state governments have beaten down freedom, imprisoned Americans in their homes and forced a demonstrably dangerous drug upon them—a drug that has killed thousands, harmed millions, and earned pharmaceutical companies and their investors billions.  

Where is our outrage? Leftist politicians championing radical/progressive agendas have reduced once glorious American cities to squalid arenas in which tax-paying Americans are pitted against legions of drug addicts, lunatics, and indigent drifters. Murders, rapes, assaults, robberies, carjackings, and home invasions have sky-rocketed in these progressive Meccas as liberal city councils decriminalize drugs, theft, and vagrancy. Emboldened by district attorneys that refuse to prosecute and police departments contemporaneously gutted by defunding and castrated by liberal policies, society’s worst drive away the businesses and law-abiding citizens upon whose industry and tax dollars civilization is built. We are witnessing the deaths of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York—yet their killers remain free, in power, unapologetic, and comfortably insulated from their own idiocies.

Where is our outrage? An illegitimate presidential administration has needlessly and recklessly ceded Afghanistan to savage, Islamic fundamentalists whose 11th Century ideology will see innocents mutilated and murdered in the name of religious absolutism. For twenty years, American servicemen and -women fought, bled, and died in defense of Iraqi and Afghan freedom, only to have their sacrifices trivialized by a corrupt, hapless, Commander in Chief neither deserving of, nor lawfully elected to his station.

America’s Founding Fathers went to war with England—the world’s (then) greatest military power—because the British Parliament imposed an unjust tax on tea. Two-hundred-forty-eight years later, an illegitimate American president and Democrat Congress have wantonly and illegally terrorized, imprisoned, and attempted to poison the American people—all while ending American energy independence, allowing innumerable illegal aliens to pour across our southern border, and ushering in the highest inflation Americans have seen in thirty years. Are we so far removed in temperament from our forebears that we will re-shoulder the yoke of tyranny they so gloriously threw off? America is a nation born in the fire of revolution. Now, as in the 18th Century, we must find our outrage. We must kindle it in our hearts until it flashes into a conflagration that consumes the tyrannical, burns away the leftist sickness, and lights the way to an era of Constitutionality and renewed American greatness.  

The socialist Democrats have turned the legislature, the ballot, and the gavel against the American people. The American people must now turn their wrath and their courage against the socialist Democrats.

Find your outrage. Hone it. Small acts of random resistance accomplish nothing. Sweeping acts of organized resistance change the world.

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