What 'wokeness' really means

The tacit premise of wokeness is that minorities are intellectually deficient and hopelessly oppressed by everything around them (thanks to the inherent racism of all White people and the irredeemably xenophobic institutions that they created).

The problem with calling Wokeness an anti-racism movement is self-evident.  Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow people are not dumber than White people.  Some of my favorite brainy individuals could never be mistaken for a White supremacist (except maybe by the delusional NPR).  Moreover, of all the minorities I've known and befriended during my lifetime, not a single one has ever expressed any belief that Whitey is on the hunt for him, rigging everything from math to English against him.  I'm the type to specifically ask questions like:

"Hey, Bro...with all the talk of racism everywhere, do you feel as though your life is consumed by White folks oppressing you at every turn?"

The reason I've never received a "yes" answer to any such question is that I tend to have responsible friends — skin color in no way part of the equation.  What woke really rests on is people who don't take personal responsibility, the victim mentality type.  These are people looking for excuses for their failures instead of lessons to be learned from their errors.  The whole woke train wreck doesn't have a damn thing to do with race.  It's all a societally destructive game of distorted mindsets and aggravated racial grievances being played in the name of political ambitions, to satisfy the politicians' insatiable lust for power and control.

Here's my personal response to the un-American and racist woke nonsense:

I am an American.  I have no skin color worthy of note, no particular geographical heritage I care to claim as my own.  My race is called Freedom; my people come in every hue.  I will stand with my brothers and sisters of all skin hues against every tyranny known to man.  I will not back down.  I refuse to be afraid.  I'm an American, the most fearsome ethnicity ever devised.

It is worth noting that I'm a United States Marine.  I have served with and pledged my life alongside every color of the human rainbow.  We knew only one color in the Corps: Marine Corps Green.  We had light green and dark green Devil Dogs.  That's as far into race as things ever got — and that's exactly the way it should be.

R. Lee Ermey's drill instructor character summed it up well in Full Metal Jacket (language warning):

The least woke character in the history of the arts?  YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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