What if they gave a pandemic and nobody came?

Just imagine if no one knew that there has been a 'novel' COVID-19 virus 'pandemic' sweeping our nation and the world for the past 20 months or so. What if people weren't subjected to nonstop body count and 'case' tallies? What if they didn't know about the hyper-wrong, grossly inflated death projections in early 2020 from that mathematical virus model and its always-wrong author in England? What if we hadn't had a similarly accuracy-challenged little Fauci-gnome-man spreading fear and hysteria? What if the CDC hadn't illegally changed the death coding requirements in early 2020 to count anyone dying with COVID-19 as dying from COVID-19? What if more people knew that the CDC has stated that the number of deaths due to COVID-19 alone is around 6% of the total deaths claimed? What if people knew that the survival rate of those infected with COVID-19 is about 99.7%?

What if hysterical, tyrannical, Constitution-abstaining politicians hadn't illegally issued lockdown, masking, and other useless counterproductive decrees? What if people knew that there has been no justifiable COVID-19 state-of-emergency in any state? What if politicians hadn't authorized unimaginable, unbelievable levels of spending to put 'pandemic' money in every pocket and pay hospitals for every COVID-19 death? What if politicians, their medical establishment and media cronies hadn't blocked, censored and suppressed safe, effective, and cheap medications such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine? What if virus-ridden patients in hospitals weren't ordered into nursing homes by brain-dead state governors? 

What if billionaire social media tyrants hadn't censored, blocked, and de-platformed bona fide experts who expressed facts and opinions that differed from the COVID hysteria party-line? What if emergency-use only 'vaccines' hadn't been illegally forced on people? What if the actual, horrendous level of adverse effects of these 'vaccines' hadn't been suppressed and censored to keep people in the dark? What if people knew that more victims have died from these 'vaccines' (~15,000 as of October 6, 2021) than have died from all other vaccines in the past 30 years? What if people knew that vaccines in past years have been pulled off the market if as few as 30 people died from them?  

There are so many what-ifs. The answers are quite simple. If the layers of hysteria, greed, political opportunism, monstrous stupidity, and just plain gutless cowardice are peeled back, the conclusion is this: very, very few people would have even known that anything out of the ordinary was going on during this 'pandemic'. Yes, people have died, as they do every flu season, but the average age of those dying is no different than the age before this 'pandemic'. How can that be, if this has been such a horrific period of time?

Lockdowns, masking, school closures, supply-chain disruptions, failed small businesses, unemployment, increased drug use, more suicides, higher crime levels, government spending beyond belief, and a host of other terrible consequences have resulted from the actions of a very few.

These actions have affected virtually every single person in this nation. The virus itself has affected relatively few. That is truly something to think about and to imagine that it did not have to be this way. What has been done to so many people by so few people has been orders of magnitude worse than anything that the COVID-19 virus has done.

Can we or will we learn from all this? 

Image: Kches16414

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