Under Biden, passports are about self-esteem, not security

The American State Department is very excited because, on Wednesday, it issued the first passport that allows people who don't feel male or female to identify themselves as an "X" in the space where it says "sex."  This thrill comes about not because the passport makes America more secure, but because it will make people on the LGBT spectrum feel good about themselves.  We've gone from having a government to having a group therapist.

Passports are ancient.  Even in the classical world, royal emissaries traveled with documents attesting to their bona fides.  In the Book of Nehemiah, a text dating back to the 5th century B.C., we learn that Nehemiah, while living in the Persian kingdom, received a letter of safe conduct from the king so he could travel to the Kingdom of  Judea and rebuild Jerusalem.

In the modern era, passports are used for much the same reason: to attest to the fact that people are who they say they are.  A passport is a government document describing a person, identifying his country of citizenship, and keeping track of his travels.  Fraudulent passports are big business for those seeking to enter a country illegally, especially terrorists.  They are the ultimate form of ID for people seeking to return to their own country or proving they have the right to travel to others.

For that reason, passports must identify people with a strong degree of specificity.  The most integral part of a person's designation is sex.  While all other things can be somewhat subjective or mutable (race, hair color, eye color, etc.), the sexes are the fundamental building block of humankind.  Without male and female, we have no capacity to reproduce and, therefore, would immediately cease to exist.

Yet it's this bottom-line, absolute designation that the U.S. government has jettisoned.  From the moment Biden entered the White House, LGBT activists started pushing for passports to add an "X" designation for those people who, in godlike fashion, have jettisoned biology and chosen their own sex.  By June, the State Department announced that it was going to go ahead with making a more "inclusive" passport.

The reason, according to Jessica Stern, who fills the State Department's position of special diplomatic envoy for LGBT rights, is so that the government accommodates people's "lived reality" — i.e., their body dysphoria, which is a mental illness.  Let me remind you again that there is no medical literature saying "transgenderism" is real.  All the literature simply accepts it as real and then provides prescriptions for surgery, hormones, and forcing cultural acceptance.

But it's more than "lived reality."  In addition, says Stern, "[w]hen a person obtains identity documents that reflect their true identity, they live with greater dignity and respect."  To heck with national security.  Our State Department exists to make mentally ill people feel good about themselves.

The first person to receive that "X" passport is Dana Alix Zzyym, one of the minute fraction of people born genuinely intersex.  That is, although raised as a male, Zzyym, a Navy veteran, was born with both male and sexual characteristics — although the passport photo shows someone who is indubitably male in facial characteristics.

While Zzyym may be a special case, and life can't have been easy for him, the State Department has made clear that, henceforth, people can choose whatever sex designation they want.  Thus, in one fell swoop, the State Department rendered meaningless a primary identifier for purposes of national security.

Aside from the serious national security consequences, there is something much more fundamental going on here, and it's why I keep harping on the transgender issues with which progressives are flooding the American zone.  We live in the real world.  We don't live in some progressive Utopian fantasy.  Forcing a nation to accept delusional thinking makes a nation tremendously vulnerable.

If you believe that men and women can magically change sex, be no sex, be all sexes, or be one of hundreds of "gender identities," you're also a nation stupid enough to believe that you can print money indefinitely without destroying the economy.

Even my children, by the age of ten, understood that you can't do that after I explained to them that currency has no intrinsic value but is, instead, simply a convenient representation of a nation's actual wealth.  In pre-currency days, people were trying to figure out how to go to market with a cow and buy grain and fabrics from six different merchants.  Cash, which is fungible, took care of that problem.

But cash without cows is just monopoly money — and passports without accurate, biological sex identifications are just multicolored picture books and a boon to terrorists.

Our government is utterly delusional.  My hope is that reality strikes the people in the federal government before it loops around and destroys the rest of us.

Image: Unicorn from FreeIconsPng and public domain passport image.

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