The silver lining in the Democrats' assault on kids in the public schools

A dark cloud is hovering over America's K–12 public schools.  Look at the landscape.  Some school districts still mandate that kids wear face masks throughout the school day.  Not only don't the masks prevent viral spread, but they're unhealthy both from a physical and a psychological standpoint.  Plus, the masks severely retard the learning process. This is the last thing the U.S. public schools need. They are academically low-performing as it is.  Then there's the Los Angeles School District.  It's requiring its students to be vaccinated with the inadequately tested COVID vaccine.

Then there's the Democrat war on parents and parental authority. 

Former Virginia governor and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe says parents should have no say in what their children are taught.  To top it off, the Department of Justice is threatening to label parents who complain at school board meetings about what's going on in their schools as domestic terrorists and to sic the FBI on them.  As George Neumayr of the American Spectator puts it: "The Orwellian memo from Attorney General Merrick Garland in defense of public school boards stems from the view that public schools should have the right to miseducate children with impunity, free of any parental oversight."  That nicely sums up the Democrat view. 

This is not America.  It's a grotesque version of the country brought about by the actions of Democrats from the lowest level to the very top.  But like with every storm cloud, even this one has a silver lining.  In two ways, actually. 

One is that a record number of parents are abandoning public schools.  They are opting for private schools for their children or going the homeschooling route.  Either one is a better choice than public education.  Hopefully, this abandonment of public schools will turn into a tidal wave.

The public schools are the reproductive organs of the left.  They take kids and mold them in their own godless image.  The fewer kids in the grasp of the education blob, the healthier America is.  If the Republicans were smart (I know, that's asking a lot), they would push to expand school vouchers like never before.  They'd also work to provide tax credits to parents who homeschool their children.  As for those people who don't have kids in public schools, they have a role to play, too.  They should vote against every school levy and any school board member who is a registered Democrat.  Starve the beast. 

The other aspect of the silver lining is that many parents, especially those Democrat-leaning suburban soccer moms, have been red-pilled.  For years, conservatives have been warning about the dangers that lurk behind the smiley-face façade of the public schools.  George Neumayr again: "In the past, for reasons of political optics, Democrats made at least some effort to conceal their contempt for parental authority.  But now they feel confident enough to show their fangs."

Thanks to the Democrats showing their fangs, many parents are now learning firsthand what that all those warnings were about.  They're getting a glimpse — and it's only a glimpse so far — of the garbage being taught to their kids under the guise of education.  They're also seeing what the education establishment actually thinks about them.  Parents are rightfully appalled.  Again, this is fertile ground for the Republicans to plow.  Will they do it?

Political commentators say the GOP should retake the House in 2022 and perhaps even the Senate.  That's all well and good.  But it won't amount to a hill of beans if with this power the Republicans are not aggressive.  They need to roll back not just the current damage that's being done to the schools, but also other leftist initiatives from the past, even the ones that have been institutionalized.  If that doesn't happen in an environment as favorable as this one for reform, it may never happen.

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