The ship's sinking, all right

So while the border, which Heels Up Harris is supposed to be overseeing, is in chaos, she instead was wasting her time and ours by putting out an awful "Get Curious" video designed to promote teenage interest in space exploration — but, more importantly, to push Heels Up's own fading brand into the public eye to prop up her diminishing credibility.

The video was put together by not an American company, but instead a Canadian company despite the fact that Biden's own Build Back Better schemes supposedly emphasize full employment via domestic production.

And to make matters even more embarrassing, the very name of the company reflects the rapidly plummeting fortunes of both the Harris and the crumbling Biden administration.

Here is the company logo — 'nuff said!

"Sinking Ship," indeed.  Heels Up sure picked the right company to do her ridiculous video; that's all I got to say!

But in all fairness, how "ridiculous" is the video? 

Evidently, the week of October 10–16 is "World Space Week."  The astronaut challenged kids to take advantage of the week by going outside and looking up at the moon — which was pretty stupid, since the astronomical New Moon occurred on the previous Thursday, October 7, and on October 10, the moon was a barely visible thin crescent moon, visible in the sky only for a short time after sunset.

"World Space Week" should have been pushed back a week because the Full Moon falls late in the week of October 17–23.

Anyway, an astronaut asked for "volunteers" to come join his team.  And he had five who were only too thrilled to sign up.  Or so it appeared.  It turned out that this particular Potemkin Village was populated by five adolescent paid professional child actors.  Nothing about this was spontaneous or genuine.

The "team" all flew into Washington, D.C., and the astronaut guided the "team" to the U.S. Naval Observatory so they could look at a real, live telescope — in the middle of the day, when the telescope was unusable.

Then the nice astronaut said, "Your next challenge is to find and meet the head of the Space Council.  I'll give you a hint: She actually lives at the Naval Observatory."

And to their wondering eyes and "great surprise" (not), they found that it was none other than Vice President Heels Up Harris herself!

I might as well just do the dialogue verbatim at this point.

HEELS UP: Ooh, welcome, you guys.

KIDS: Thank you so much.

HEELS UP: Ready to start?  OK — go!

BOY: So, I may not always be fast to take my parents' advice, but what is the best advice your parents have given you, that perhaps you can share with us today?

HEELS UP: You know, one of the most important pieces of advice that I can offer you guys, and I want you really to remember this, never let anybody tell you who you are ... you tell them who you are ... and who you know you are, and what you intend to be.  Got that?

KIDS: Yes.

Heels Up concluded by saying, "Have big dreams!  You'll remember that?"  The kids said "yeah," whereupon Heels Up gave them the ol' brush-off and said, "All right.  I'll see you later." 

That, of course, didn't happen.  Instead, the kiddos were stuck at the observatory for several hours waiting for the sun to go down and twilight to set in so they could see the thin crescent moon.

Image: Sinking Ship Entertainment.

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