The political prisoners of January 6

In 2020, BLM, Antifa, and opportunists rampaged through American cities, looting, burning, and assaulting and even murdering people. Leftists, including most major American corporations, contributed millions of dollars to various BLM funds, including funds to release those few who were arrested from prison. Most suffered minimal to no consequences. Meanwhile, nine months after the riot on January 6—which Tucker Carlson seems poised to expose once and for all as a false-flag operation—Americans who accepted the Capitol Police’s invitation to enter the Capitol are quite literally being tortured in prison.

The Conservative Treehouse has published a letter from Nathan DeGrave (originally in Brad Geyer’s Twitter thread relaying what DeGrave told him). DeGrave describes himself as “a non violent participant at the Jan 6th rally.”

The contents are stomach-churning. The psychological abuse, physical neglect, and denial of legal rights grossly violate the 8th Amendment’s promise that no Americans shall be subject to “cruel and unusual punishment”—something especially applicable here because none of the people being treated this way have been convicted.

The January 6 prisoners have also been denied their 6th Amendment right to a speedy trial. Given the D.C. forum, they’re likely, as well, to be denied the 6th Amendment’s guarantee of an impartial jury. Instead, they’ve been imprisoned for nine months without trial or bail, almost all for non-violent offenses.

DeGrave describes in some detail the following abuses:

  • For the first four months, 23-24 hours a day solitary confinement.
  • Arbitrary, capricious, and constant punishment for minor, random infractions.
  • Even in solitary, being required to wear masks constantly, with any deviation the subject of a disciplinary report
  • Confiscation of privileged, legal documents as well as chronic and significant interference with the attorney-client relationship. Note that this is one of the most privileged relationships under American law.
  • Medical neglect, including refusing treatment for Christopher Worrell, who has both cancer and a broken hand. (Finally, two weeks ago, federal judge Royce Lamberth filed contempt charges against the prison warden for this one.)
  • Health hazards include overflowing raw sewage, mold, and dirty water.
  • Malnutrition from inedible and marginal food.
  • Denial of access to personal hygiene.
  • Minimal visits, including preventing access to attorneys unless the latter are both vaccinated and tested. (This may explain why the January 6 defendants seem to have been getting such abysmal legal representation.)
  • Denial of access to religious services, classes, and activities, all of which are available to non-political prisoners. When Ryan Samsel attempted to organize a Bible study group, correctional officers (mostly leftists from Africa) beat him and left him for dead. He permanently lost vision in one eye and suffered brain damage.
  • As the only White Republicans in the jail, the men are subject to a constant barrage of racial abuse.

Please note, too, that the above is a summary. You need to read DeGrave’s letter in its entirety to appreciate fully just what the D.C. prison system is doing to the January 6 prisoners in its care. If what you read sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve read similar things about prisons in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other totalitarian countries that, lacking a Constitution, routinely imprison and torture people for their political viewpoints.

The D.C. prison system gets away with this because it knows that no jury in D.C. will ever convict the system or the individuals in the system for these acts. They also know that, as long as Merrick Garland is focused on going after parents opposed to Critical Race Theory, transgender madness, and forced masking, and the administration is preparing to give illegal aliens $450,000 because they were treated in accordance with American law, the Department of Injustice will leave them alone.

It is truly shocking that, using COVID and a gamed election, Democrats have managed in nine months to bring America crashing down. They’ve destroyed the economy, opened the borders, weakened the military, unleashed rampant racism, put sexual perversion in America’s schools, kept ordinary Americans under house arrest, and made our prisons the functional equivalents of the finest that totalitarian countries have to offer. In nine months! The mind boggles at what can happen between now and elections in November 2022.

(By the way, I forgot to add my pronouns to posts I’ve written over the past few days. My pronouns for today are “Let’s go, Brandon!” and “Jill Biden thinks she’s Edith Wilson.” What are yours?)

Image: Prisoner by Hasan Almasi. Unsplash license.

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