The police and sheriffs protect us. Or do they? Will they?

Ostensibly democratic governments around the world have reacted shamefully to the spread of COVID, with law enforcement personnel helping them abuse their power.  What has happened in New Zealand and parts of Australia is truly frightening.  Those two formerly free and democratic nations have seen the exercise of cruel totalitarianism in the past months.  Despite the fact that lockdowns have not mitigated the spread of COVID anywhere in the world, despite the failure of mask mandates to affect the number of cases when compared to regions without mask mandates, some states in Australia and all of N.Z. have continued the most rigid restrictions, and their citizens are suffering the consequences.

Police fire rubber bullets into a crowd of demonstrators (YouTube screen grab).

Elderly women are tackled in the streets by police and attacked with pepper spray for being outside without a mask.  Perfectly healthy people are prevented from leaving their homes and if surveilled will be likewise treated like dangerous criminals.  New Yorkers have protested in solidarity with Australians.  The police who were just a year and a half ago viewed as the protectors of law-abiding citizens in Australia and N.Z. are now feared and despised by many.  Is this reversal of civilized fortune coming here?  It is already here.

By now most people have probably seen the video of a man, Scott Smith, being wrestled to the floor at a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Va.  His 9th-grade daughter had been raped in her school's restroom by a "gender fluid" male dressed in a skirt.  She reported it, a rape kit was used, the abuser charged and released — to another high school, where he similarly molested another young girl.

Mr. Smith had been warned not to speak to anyone about the attack and was assured that justice would be served, but that was a lie.  Nothing was done beyond the 15- year-old rapist being passed off onto another school.  The far-left, pro-LGBT school board certainly all knew of the attack; each was informed by law.  But when Mr. Smith tried to explain why he was opposed to their permissive pro-trans policies, he was prevented from speaking, his accusation was denied, the school board lied, the police were called, and he was arrested.  Luke Rosiak has written the definitive account of the case.  Read it all.  It is a grim, disgusting story, one that would make any parent purple with rage.

Knowing full well about the attack on Mr. Smith's daughter, the superintendent lied and asserted that there had been no incidents involving transgender students at any of their schools.  Another woman present told Mr. Smith she did not believe him and threatened to ruin his business on social media.  He was then set upon by a policeman who was present, manhandled to the floor by several men, and arrested.  The local prosecutor, Buta Biberaj, a Soros-installed pro-criminal attorney, appeared in court to personally prosecute Smith for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

She, too, knew what had happened to Mr. Smith's daughter but seeks jail time for him.  This is the opposite of justice, and it's beginning to feel like the new normal.  Why did that policeman who was present not protect Mr. Smith, who did nothing but try to speak?  He was the law-abiding citizen, the members of the school board the criminals.

There have been similar incidents of police overreacting and abusing citizens they perceive as violating one silly mandate or another but none so egregious as this.  Does not this event feel familiar, like what has happened to the hundreds of people who were at the Capitol on January 6?  All Americans should be aware by now that that so-called insurrection was nothing of the kind.  It was a set-up, the violence instigated by federal operatives in order to put a stop to the possible delay of certification of the election results.

The only person killed was murdered by a policeman, and she, like all the others, was unarmed.  They were not violent, and in fact, many were ushered into the Capitol building by officials on the job that day.  Again, it was a set-up.  That is clear now, so provable that Pelosi's pathetic commission is as dead as a doornail.  If she moves forward with it, she will be the fool on the hill.  She may even have been in on the plan, for it was Pelosi who nixed the National Guard that President Trump had offered.  She tried to misuse the Capitol Police.  A few of them have come forward to tell some inconvenient truths of the day's unfolding.  As an example of the height of injustice insanity, the man who shot Ashli Babbitt that day, Charles Byrd, told 60 Minutes that "he saved lives that day."  On what planet does killing an unarmed woman translate into saving lives?  Everything is upside-down.  Why isn't Charles Byrd in prison?  Why are those peaceful protesters of Jan. 6 rotting in jail, many in solitary confinement like the tortured prisoners of a Saddam Hussein?

Obama weaponized the FBI, DOJ, and CIA, and Biden has picked up where he left off.  Or is Obama still running things?  A.G. Garland should be impeached for attempting to use the FBI to criminalize parents who attend school board meetings in order to protect his son-in-law's business of promoting CRT.  He is just one of the "cabinet of horrors."

Why aren't the Republicans demanding his resignation?  Good question.  Our Republican representatives continue to disappoint.  They enjoy luxuriating in their swamp dwelling and don't want to rock their boat floating on all that corruption.

Our law enforcement personnel have every right to be angry and justified in feeling unappreciated.  The American left has done a bang-up job of demonizing them, defunding them, and criminalizing them.  The anti-cop left has legitimized open season on our cops.

Given all that has transpired over the past few years, one would think our police would be on the side of those of us who have fought for them, not against them.  But something awful is happening: some of them, like those cops in Australia, N.Z., and in Loudoun County, are taking their anger out on the good guys.

Those down-under cops should be standing with the folks fighting for the freedom they've taken for granted all their lives.  The cops in Loudoun County should be standing with the parents against those perverted school boards who mean to undermine every traditional American value, especially the protection of childhood innocence.  Surely, they have kids, too.

Something is very wrong in America, and the Biden administration is doubling down on rotten.  Will law enforcement capitulate to Biden's absurd vaccine mandate or stand together against it?  Will they physically abuse citizens who don't wear masks or have proof of vaccination? 

Our police need to decide which side they are going to protect: the criminal politicians and bureaucrats or law-abiding citizens.  If they, along with their brothers and sisters who are firefighters, paramedics, and health care workers, present a united front, perhaps we can win America back from the communists wildly wielding their undeserved power over us all.

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