The new law

Does this sound familiar?

As a child, you are taught by those in power that you must cover your face when you go out into the world.  You must do so to shield others from the seed of their destruction, which dwells within you.

Your movements are restricted as well.  Some places you may go, others you may not.  The manner in which you may or may not congregate with others, when you may or may not do so, and whom you may or may not see are also determined by those in charge.

You're required to submit to a medical treatment.  You're told it's a very minor procedure.  It's hardly a procedure at all, really.  And after all, it's so important that it be done to you.  In fact, it's so important that if you resist, they may hold you down and force it upon you if they have to.

Besides, what choice do you really have?  You see that those who refuse to submit to all these orders are bullied, mocked, and rejected.  The children cannot go to school; the adults lose their jobs.  Those who refuse are second-class citizens at best and outlaws — enemies of the people, even — at worst.  They are rightly and righteously ostracized as the anti-socials, the apostates, the infidels that they are.

You are taught that all of these rules, strange and harsh as they may seem, are absolutely necessary.  They are for your own good.  They are essential to the proper function, indeed the very survival, of society.  All of your leaders tell you so.  These rules are morally just.  They are sanctioned from above.  This is the new law.  Submit to it.

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