The Lincoln Project and Democrats crudely conspire against Glenn Youngkin

In one of the dirtiest tricks ever, The Lincoln Project (a collection of hard-left people masquerading as "Republicans") and Democrat activists conspired to paint Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate now leading in the Virginia gubernatorial race, as a magnet for White supremacists.  Thankfully, the hoax was quickly exposed, meaning that it should reflect worse on Democrats than Republicans.  Were it not for the internet, though, this vicious dirty trick could have caused lasting harm to Youngkin's candidacy and opened the way for the execrable, racist, parent-hating Terry McAuliffe to get a second term as Virginia governor.

The day-long saga started when journalist Elizabeth Holmes tweeted a photo showing "men" who pulled up in front of Glenn Younkin's campaign bus, saying, "We're all in for Glenn."  Wearing white shirts and khaki pants, with Tiki torches in their hands, they were obviously intended to look like the White supremacists at Charlottesville in 2017:

Had anyone looked closely at the photo, they might have noticed something a bit peculiar about these “White supremacist men”:

Yup, there's a Black guy there and a White woman.  Something's fishy, right?

Thankfully, the internet sleuths were instantly on it.  They soon determined that one of the people looked like a Democrat operative named Camden Layton, who quickly protected his Twitter account from prying eyes.  Of course, Eric Swalwell, without looking closely at the picture, fell hard for the hoax.  Frankly, if he can't spot a Chinese spy, who really expects him to balk at calling a Black man a "White supremacist"?

With the whole narrative falling apart, the sleazy, man-boy-loving Lincoln Project proudly confessed that it put together the stunt:

That’s when more confessions of complicity began.  Lauren Windsor, who describes herself as "Agnostic. Bisexual. Fashionista. Hapless romantic. Progressive pugilist swamp-slayer" and who literally wraps herself in the American flag, identified herself as the (ahem) brains behind the operation:

With Younkin surging, this is all that the Democrats have got: trying to paint Younkin as another Donald Trump and using the stale "fine people" hoax to do it.

Glenn Greenwald, who is swallowing larger and larger doses of red pills as the Biden "presidency" wends its way through the growing wreckage of America, expressed his outrage on Tucker Carlson:

I like Greenwald's point that the same people who created and pushed this hoax are the ones who constantly shout out "fake news," "misinformation," and similar phrases to justify shutting down conservatives to give Democrats and their fellow travelers complete control over the flow of "news" and other information in America.  From there, Greenwald makes the exceptionally good point that, even as Democrats deny the possibility that January 6 could have been a false flag event at which the FBI and other Democrat operatives created a faux "insurrection," they (the Democrats) freely traffic in...a false flag event.

It's to be hoped that this latest leftist hoax was exposed quickly enough that it didn't create a false narrative that Glenn Youngkin is a White supremacist.  Instead, the swift debunking should tell people that Democrats are morally corrupt people who use claims of racism to manipulate the public.  They do not deserve ever again to be allowed near political power.

Image: Close-up of the false flag operation.  Twitter screen grab.

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