The deadly word games that brought us 'Gain of Function'

Washington, D.C. is the biggest home of lies and word games in the known cosmos.

In D.C., a seven-trillion-dollar punch in your wallet costs you absolutely nothing, according to the president of the United States himself.

In Washington, D.C. a fat, aging hippie man becomes the first "female" four-star admiral of the United States, and nobody is allowed to laugh.

In fairytale D.C., a tricked-out flu virus is the biggest, scariest pandemic since the Black Death, and they will cancel you if you deny it.

In Washington, D.C., Dr. Fauci is a hometown hero, because he is the slickest liar of them all, ever since he rocketed to fame on the tail of the AIDS disaster.

Take the biggest headline lie today about the origins of COVID in an enormous U.S.-funded virology lab in Wuhan, China.  Your National Institutes of Health paid for the molecular trickery that made the virus more and more deadly to human beings until the armed-up virus somehow exploded out of Wuhan and spread around the world in a matter of days and weeks.

Except that the bug didn't spread to Chinese government centers like Beijing, which simply blocked travelers from Wuhan.

Even Nature magazine, the oldest science magazine in the world, has called attention to the tricky terminology of "Gain of Function."  But Nature's article is still shrouded in jargon.

In the real world, the bug's Gain of Function is a horror story.

The biggest single bug vector at the start of the pandemic went from Wuhan to Milan, where tens of thousands of Chinese workers carried the virus to overwhelm Italy's medical system overnight.

Thousands of patients started to choke from an unknown cause, and their panicked doctors had no idea what they were dealing with.  They were caught unprepared, and China was not going to help them figure it out.

China knew a lot about the virus, but nobody told Italian emergency doctors, who stood by helplessly while their patients suddenly died.

The basic science that made the virus is now called "Gain of Function" research, but any American taxpayer who reads "Gain of Function" is likely to think a half-million dollars of U.S. money was spent for our "Gain of Function."

It's called the National Institutes of Health, isn't it?  Why are we paying for the NIH if it isn't for human health?

This is where Fauci's word magic comes in because in biology, the jargon term "Gain of Function" refers not to human health, but to the health of the bugs that can kill you.

So you thought the NIH was about YOUR health?

Well, most of the NIH is in fact dedicated to human health.  But not in virology or bacteriology or parasitology, where scientific jargon is flipped on its head.  This is molecular biology, where it makes a kind of sense to look at bugs from their own point of view.  If the COVID virus learns to infect humans more lethally, it's a Gain of Function for the bug.  Your illness and death, your Loss of Function, is their gain — if you get what I mean.

So if the United States pays for the Wuhan lab via a cutout corporation called EcoHealth, and you naturally assume it's all for a good purpose.

Americans are so naïve.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Communist Party don't care about your health.

They don't even care about the people of China.

Armies exist to kill people and break things, and the People's Army of China is set up to do that to everybody in the world except the CCP itself.

Americans think of the U.S. Army as a humane organization, after the fighting is over.  Our army helped to rebuild Germany and Italy after World War 2.  We helped Japan and South Korea.

But the openly declared war doctrine of China — like jihad — is very different.

The Chinese and the Taliban think war is the normal condition of humanity, and there's no such thing as a lasting peace.  Peace is just a pause between wars.

Everybody in that world is a kind of Dr. Fauci, constantly flipping the plain meaning of words.

The world of predatory bugs is a zero-sum game. If the coronavirus can invade your cells, it can kidnap your molecular machinery to make millions of copies of the predatory virus.  The virus wins, and you lose.

So the next time you read about "Gain of Function," don't forget what it means.

It means bio-war against humans like you.

It's not about your health.  It's about the health of our predators...which might just include the celebrated Dr. Fauci.

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