The complicated vaccine game resisting physicians must play

We are living in a game come to life.  As with any game, there are rules.  But sometimes in life, if you want to survive, you learn how to game the game.

We no longer live in your grandfather's world, where medical care was physician-directed.  Increasingly, control is in the hands of an opposition force comprising hospital administrators, insurance executives, lawyers, and elected and unelected government officials.  Physicians are now mostly cogs on the medical wheel, where the cogs are rapidly being worn out.

On top of Medicare compliance, insurance precertification, and time-wasting electronic records, we have foisted upon us a "vaccine."  Any cursory review of terminology, mechanisms of action, literature review, or VAERS data should lead a physician to conclude that this gene therapy, never widely used in humans without incurable conditions, with limited data, and more morbidity and mortality than any true vaccine, should be avoided like a true plague.

When it comes to COVID-19 injections, many physicians have fallen like dominoes and gotten stabbed in the deltoid due to hospital staff requirements, increasingly being justified by the supposed FDA approval of a product currently unavailable.  Obtaining a medical or religious exemption has been a fool's errand.  To many, succumbing to gene therapy appeared to be the best short-term solution.

The truth is that hospital administrations care about "vaccine" effectiveness as much as they do about its morbidity and mortality, which means they care not one whit.  How could they if they reviewed the government-created reporting system that presently tallies more than 17,000 deaths and 500,000 adverse reactions in less than one year?  What they actually care about is the hospital's image; continued billing of government, insurers, patients; and their salaries.  And why shouldn't they?  They control the hospital board, which pays them, and the medical staff that generate the hospital's income.

Critically, what it all boils down to is compliance, and what hospital administrations want is documentation.  Therein lies the nature of the game.  The sophisticated physician recognizes that, recognizes that this is all a game, like cat and mouse, or raising stakes in poker.

Some physicians will not play the game according to hospital rules, so their resistance is to play an outside game, giving up their association with the hospital.  That's fair.  They are adults and should be able to control their lives.  If what leaves one's body is a personal decision, so too should be what enters it.  

Not all physicians, however, can or want to play that outside game.  They cannot if they are hospital-employed.  To play the outside game requires terminating their position and to some will be akin to patient abandonment.  They know that when they hear "Your papers," it will be without the "please," the statement being a demand: your arm or your job.

And knowing themselves, and hearing that demand, they know that they will not live by the dictum "He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day."  Instead, they decide to play the inside game, resisting from inside.  "Papers please."  "Sure.  Here they are."  Just like identity papers.  Someone's.

Resistance is not futile.  What is futile is coercion.  The rules are now rewritten.  Welcome to the game.

Orie Katz is a pseudonym.

Image via Max Pixel.

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