Take a look at the charmer leading the aggressive new migrant caravan, counting on 'Joe Biden's incompetence

Irineo Mujica is back in business.

He's leading an aggressive new caravan into the U.S. on a wave of God-is-on-our-side' messianism alongside crusader-like 'we are ready for war' exhortations.

You can see his handiwork here:



And here he is. You can tell from his photo that he's never missed a meal.

Now, his caravan, possiblly sponsored by his group, "Pueblos sin Fronteras," is not as big as previously advertised in the press -- a "mother of all caravans" at 95,000 as it had been grandly called by some outlets in recent weeks.

It looks like he drew somewhere between 1,500 and 5,000 would-be illegals to his caravan this time, virtually all of them military-aged young men with no single moms with babies in expensive designer strollers placed out front for the cameras as had been seen in the past.

Mujica in fact has led a lot of these caravans, including the first big one at the San Diego border in 2018. He's a far, far leftist with an Aztlan-style mission to "conquer" the U.S. He's a U.S. citizen, but not one with any scrap of loyalty to the U.S. Apparently it's a get-out-of-jail card for him given the times the Mexicans have tried to pick him up without success.

In 2018, Mujica promised the caravan migrants he was leading into the states paradise. He didn't deliver. He had run up against President Trump's resolve to not let them through, and his doings led to Trump's 'remain in Mexico' asylum policy to prevent this sort of loopholing that was bringing the migrants looking for jobs into the country on phony asylum claims as an immigration shortcut. Trump saw through him and cut the scam off.

After running up against Trump, and being surprised by it, Mujica dumped his caravan migrants and left them stranded in Tijuana, a city that offered them jobs and livelihoods if they wanted them, but no cheap and easy admission into the U.S. The migrants then set up a fetid refugee camp in a residential area, which drew protests from the Tijuana locals. It was worsened by seasonal rains, then diseases and hunger, then crime spinning out of control, and finally many would-be illegal migrants took the Mexican-offered free bus trips back to Honduras. As for Mujica, who created the bona fide humanitarian disaster, he became a pariah in Tijuana, before cutting out and leaving the migrants hanging. The Mexican cops caught up with him at least once, charging him with extorting money from migrants and human trafficking, but apparently weren't able to make the charges stick. His name, though, still stinks among many migrants based on all his phony promises to them and word gets around. That may well be why his caravan size wasn't anything like 95,000. But he still had enough shock troops to get the press coverage he thrives on.

What he has this time -- and it might be why he's resurfaced  -- is Joe Biden's incompetence.

According to National Review's Caroline Downey:

Irineo Mujica, the leader of the caravan in Tapachula told independent journalist Oscar El Blue in an interview that there is perceived ineptitude in the Biden Administration on immigration policy. While former President Trump tightened immigration control which decreased migrant influxes significantly, his management of the issue was at least predictable, Mujica suggested.

“If I tell you the truth . . . at least with Donald Trump we knew what we had. With Biden, we don’t know. He doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do with immigration because he says one thing and does another. Tell me something different that Joe Biden has done? He promised immigration reform. He hasn’t done it,” Mujica said.

Hear that? He's counting on Biden's incompetence to ensure the caravan business he's got stays booming.

While Mujica is a false prophet of open borders, a charlatan, an opportunist, and a rabid leftist, he's now up against a bigger charlatan, sitting in the White House. He mistakenly assumed that Trump was a paper tiger and got some comeuppance for it, but now he knows for sure that Joe Biden is a paper tiger and making it a selling point for would-be migrants. That's what's driving him to herd in his migrant caravans in the current day. Migrant caravans disappeared after the first one that was conducted on Trump, but now the rabid leftists are jumping in with Joe Biden.

What does this say about Joe Biden that he can be rolled by a crazed America-hating leftist with messianic dreams such as this one?

Image: Grupo Formula, video screen shot, via YouTube




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