Stay healthy, Joe

Every day, Kamala Harris gives the world more reason to believe she is a mindless twit.  Occasionally, she goes beyond just indicating that possibility and actively takes steps to prove she is a totally senseless and vapid fool.  This weekend was the latest example.

Harris's office just released a video of our Vice President holding an intimate milk and cookies conclave with elementary school children.  In the YouTube video, Harris tells the kids about their great future.  She tells them to be excited by space and science.  She was clearly talking down to them with lines such a "You guys are gonna see, you're gonna literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes!"  The kids all responded with almost perfectly scripted excitement.

The problem is, it was all scripted!  The kids were not really a group of children from a local elementary or middle school.  They were all experienced professional child actors, flown in from around the country.  Each had auditioned for the part.  Every line was scripted, including Harris's over-the-top faked amazement when the kids recited their pre-written lines.  Since they undoubtedly shot multiple takes of this mini-documentary, Harris and the kids had to act amazed by each other multiple times.

As to who was the smartest person in the room, 13-year-old Treavor Bernardino, flown in from California, said of Harris, "She's everything that I ever thought of her, plus more.  She made me feel like one of her peers."

That young man has no idea how right he was.  Yes, unfortunately, Harris is everything we thought she was, and more!  Even worse, when Harris is with elementary and middle school kids, she is truly among her peers.

Joe, please stay healthy.  Work those half-days.  Take lots of vacations.  America needs you!

Ed Sherdlu is the pen name of a former CBS television network reporter.  He uses a pen name because his mother would be so embarrassed to know Ed's 12-Step Journalism Recovery Program had been a failure.

Image: Kamala Harris space rapture.  YouTube screen grab.

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