So as Afghanistan was going down in flames, Kamala Harris was making her space videos ... with child actors

Is there any level of phoniness Kamala Harris can't demonstrate?

Back when Joe Biden had disappeared during Afghanistan's collapse and was refusing to take phone calls from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Harris had a golden opportunity to step in and show leadership. But she had better things to do.

What was she doing as Joe Biden went AWOL? Cocooning into her comfort zone, which was engaging in selfies and public relations.

While Afghanistan was collapsing into terror and Americans were trapped behind enemy lines in chaos, she was busy making at least three space videos with five seemingly eager children, all produced by a Canadian video company called "Sinking Ship Entertainment." I wrote about that here.

The videos featured Harris in her favorite powder-blue pantsuit, likely the same as the one she made a stink about with Vogue when it didn't feature it on its cover. In that supposedly image-enhancing suit, she encircled herself with the kids as she oohed, ahhed, and cackled overheatedly about outer space with them. It was embarrassing, and on her part, obviously fake.

But it wasn't the only thing that was fake. The kids, supposedly all interested in space in the video, were fake, too. 

It comes out that the kids were all child actors, professionals, complete with casting calls and agents. The videos made on her behalf were advertised as "pilot" projects, meaning, more could be coming if the YouTube series took off.

According to the New York Post:

“All five of them are actors,” Carlo Bernardino, whose 13-year-old son Trevor was one of the youngsters taking part, told the Washington Examiner. “He’s a child actor — he’s been trying to do this type of thing for a while. And so he has a manager and an agent in LA and they send him castings.”

One of the child actors had a political history as a trusted Democrat operative for such videos, having interviewed Michelle Obama as a "student journalist" a few years back in a video designed to make Michelle Obama look good. She was an experienced professional in more ways than one.

According to BizPac Review:The other actors included in the video are Derrick Brooks II, Emily Kim, Zhoriel Tapo, and Sydney Schmooke. One of the girls reportedly starred in a video with Michelle Obama. Tapo interviewed Michelle Obama earlier this year, according to KATC.

We don't know what the child actors were paid, but it's probable that they were paid, particularly since the kids were pros who could read lines and were flown around for the creation.

Some of the kids were California-based, where Screen Actors Guild pay scales are operative. According to Career Trends:

For half-hour, episodic television shows, the minimum salary is $5,258 per week for a major role. For TV commercials, pay is between $618 and $1,037 per commercial for on-camera work and between $412 and $720 for off-camera, voice-only work.

Actors of all ages had a median salary of $17.49 an hour in May 2017. Median salaries are the point in a list where half earned more and half earned less. At the low end, actors made $8.97 an hour or less and at the high end, $89.08 an hour or more.

 Given that the vice president's office hired two "crisis communications" managers to beef up Harris's image at what had to be at taxpayer expense, one of whom was a relative of Jen Psaki, we know there was money being thrown around. The Washington Examiner noted that the hires were on a "temporary" basis, but the White House failed to give a time frame. Perhaps the failure of the videos to impress the public, noted here:

The official video, which had been viewed more than 142,000 times as of Monday night, had approximately 2,000 “likes” on YouTube and 5,100 “dislikes.” Comments had been disabled.

...means the image "re-packagers" won't be fired as ineffective, but given what we know of the Biden White House, will probably have free rein to keep trying and there will be more of this as Harris keeps flopping as fake.

It shows an important truth about Harris and her low political instincts: Like Joe Biden, she can't be trusted without a script. And she certainly can't be trusted in a video around kids who have a genuine interest in space. Kids have ways of asking things off script and space-smart kids might really trip her up and force her into gaffes or stupidities. They could easily expose her since there's no fooling little kids who have no "filters." The "messaging" experts couldn't trust Harris around anything but actor kids reciting their lines.

And still, the result was abysmal. Even the practiced pros can't fix Kamala's phoniness. Every one of these efforts under the most controlled of conditions is bombing.

Harris might try to do her job as a means of gaining authenticity with the public, but that's a bridge too far. She can't even put on a facade of competence without phoniness. That's the authentic 'her.'

Image: Twitter screen shot

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