Snakehead Carville turns up to defend Lincoln Project's sleazy political trick

Normally, when a political campaign screws up so egregiously there's no denying they've gotten caught, the best thing to do is apologize to voters and to one's wronged opponent, and then proceed to move along.

That should have been the response from Terry McAuliffe's team, after their ally, the Lincoln Project, pulled a disgusting dirty trick on Glenn Youngkin's team ahead of Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial vote. The creeps of the Lincoln Project sent in a bunch of operatives to pose with tiki torches in front of a Glenn Youngkin campaign bus in a bid to falsely smear Youngkin as racist. They couldn't find real racists to pay to do it, so they invented their own, apparently recruiting actual Democrats of low morals for the deed. Now that they've gotten caught, they aren't apologizing at all, they're shamelessly defending their dirty trick as some kind of voter 'education.'

This seems to be why they've wheeled out Democrat election operative James Carville, sometimes called "the snakehead" among those who don't like him, based on his physical resemblance to snakes, as well as his general ethical proclivities.

According to Breitbart News:

Democrat strategist James Carville defended The Lincoln Project Friday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” for their so-called tiki-torch stunt, which Carville claimed was done to illustrate a point about Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin.

According to Carville, Youngkin had not been vocal about President Donald Trump’s remarks about the 2017 Charlottesville, VA incident.

“Well, let me — first of all, The Lincoln Project is independent of the Democratic Party of Virginia,” Carville declared. “I happen to know the chairwoman very, very well. And I kind of agree with what Stuart said. It was to illustrate a point that Youngkin has not denounced Trump, saying ‘There were fine people on both sides,’ in Charlottesville. I think this is a kind of a 10% of teapot like that. But, Terry’s campaigned hard. He’s raised a lot of money. And it’s just a tight election. And traditionally, only one time since 1965, where we follow a presidential election, heads the party that won the presidency, won the Virginia governorship. And that was in 2013.”

Illustrate a point? If so, where were the well-marked labels? Where was the press release? Where were the flaks spinning the "narrative"? Nope, it was a pathetic lie to paper over this appalling incident, given that they knew it might just disgust independent and swing voters. Carville is sure his explanation will fool them.

Carville, recall, had his heyday back in the Bill Clinton era. That was when voters were rejecting Clinton's far-left agenda and Clinton declared "we'll just have to win then." No wonder the Democrats picked this guy to stick up for the disgusting Lincoln Project stunt instead of just condemning it as "unrepresentative" of their ethics. Wheeling Carville out pretty well says it is representative of their ethics.

This is far from the only bid to excuse the Lincoln Project operatives in their quest to smear Republicans.

The Lincoln Project itself is having its operatives claim they're grandly "saving democracy" through this bid to make America's political scene resemble Nicaragua's or Bolivia's. Ummm. That seems to be getting old.

Reuters, meanwhile, is playing the "Republican" angle on this group, running this headline in a bid to pin the dirty trick on Republicans, not Democrats, in a bid to fool those swing voters:

Never mind that the Lincoln Project is a group of renegade Republican operatives who hate President Trump, but hate all conservatives, given that Trump is not involved in the Virginia race at all. The group claims to be Republican but is only formerly Republican and works to elect Democrats. What's more, their name is so skeezy based on their money and sex scandals that no self-respecting Republican (or, I'd think, some Democrats) would ever want to be associated with their name. These Democrats do, though, and that's pretty strong a sign that they're all birds of a feather.

But nope, they're Republicans to Reuters, despite the evidence coming out that the actors in their stunt are actual Democrats. Such as her. And maybe her. According to the National Pulse, it may be all of them.

So many ways to defend the indefensible, yet the sorry story remains: Democrats tried to smear Youngkin as a racist and now are conducting all manner of damage control, given that what they did was indefensible and contemptuous of democracy.

Image: Screen shot from MSNBC video, via YouTube

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