Shocker: Terry McAuliffe seems to have lied about Critical Race Theory

Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, who is again running to be Virginia governor, like the Simpson’s cartoon character, Sideshow Bob, stuck in a field of rakes. No matter which way he turns, he steps on one of those rakes, slamming himself in the face. After saying that parents should have no say in their children’s education in public schools, he then insisted that Critical Race Theory had never been in Virginia’s public schools. However, Christopher Rufo has obtained documents showing that, not only is CRT in Virginia’s public schools, but it was McAuliffe’s administration that put it there.

A little over a week ago, when McAuliffe appeared on WAVY News 10, an interviewer asked him to define CRT. McAuliffe blew off the question by denying the entire theory, essentially classifying it as one of the fevered dreams of White supremacists:

“I answer this question very clearly. It’s not taught in Virginia, it’s never been taught in Virginia. And as I’ve said this a lot: It’s a dogwhistle. It’s racial, it’s division, and it’s used by Glenn Youngkin and other — this is the same thing with Trump and the border wall — to divide people.”

When Blanton pressed him on his definition of the term, though — and one would need a definition in order to prove it’s not taught in the state — McAuliffe again refused to provide one, repeating that it’s not relevant since it’s not taught.

Blanton continued to pry for a definition at which point McAuliffe explained to her “it’s racist, it’s a dogwhistle.”

With those words, had McAuliffe been a wiser man, he would have started checking the ground for rakes, but he was about to get bonked in the face big time.

As Christopher Rufo discovered, not only is CRT being taught in Virginia public schools, it was McAuliffe’s Department of Education that put it there. Significantly, the DOE didn’t bother with euphemisms; it’s called “Critical Race Theory” in letters as large as life:

McAuliffe may try to weasel his way out of this saying that he didn’t actually know that this revolution was taking place in Virginia’s public schools on his watch. However, to the extent that the program began when he was governor, that knowledge must be imputed to him. He’s the principal and every law of agency places at his doorstep knowledge about programs created on his watch. As they say in the law, “he knew or should have known,” making him liable either way.

Terry McAuliffe, therefore, is directly responsible for integrating into Virginia’s public schools a doctrine that teaches White students that they are genetically evil and Black students that they are genetically pathetic. This is deeply insulting to both races. Additionally, it creates tribalism, which represents a retreat to a primitive mindset seen in human’s earliest ancestors. At all times and in all places, tribalism has led to chronic warfare.

Any politician who presides over the Balkanization of American society should be kicked to the curb in an election and never allowed near the levers of power again.

Image: Terry McAuliffe denies CRT in Virginia schools (edited in befunky). Twitter screen grab.

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