Sen. Dick Durbin goes off on the parents AG Garland wants to persecute

While Illinois senator Dick Durbin and the Democrats were defending Merrick Garland for threatening parents, he compared the parents to the protesters on January 6.

Durbin and the Democrats clearly don't care about a girl getting raped by a boy dressed like a girl, nor do they care that kids are taught pornographic materials or that minorities are taught that they are all victims while whites are taught to hate themselves.

Democrats claim they care about all girls and women who are sexually attacked, but when a girl gets raped, and a school system covers it up, they are virtually silent.  This rape is inconvenient to their talking points that it is completely safe for people with a penis to invade their private space.

Why do most supposed journalists and other Democrats continue to call what happened on January 6 an armed insurrection when the FBI report said it wasn't an insurrection and no one was armed?  The FBI report came out in August, so why are there endless investigations by Democrats, and a couple of Republicans, unless it is pure theater to mislead the public?  After all, there is always another election coming up, and Democrats certainly don't want to run on their unpopular, radical policies.

Democrats usually are outraged when a cop kills an unarmed person, but they don't seem to care that an unarmed veteran woman was gunned down by a cop.

Senator Dick Durbin Likens Parents Swearing at School Board Members to January 6 Rioters

Senator Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) on Wednesday compared parents who have yelled profanities at school board members and ripped off masks to those who mobbed the Capitol on January 6.

FBI finds no evidence that Trump and his allies were directly involved with organizing the violence of the Capitol riot: report

Who is Dick Durbin?

On June 15, 2006, Durbin took to the Senate floor and, with no evidence, compared military members at Gitmo to Nazis, Soviet Gulags, and Pol Pot.  On June 16, he refused to apologize for his despicable comments.

A week later, with tears in his eyes, he apologized, but only to people he may have offended with his slanderous attacks.

US senator stands by Nazi remark

US Senator Dick Durbin on Wednesday refused to apologise for comments he made on the Senate floor referring to Nazis, Soviet gulags and a "mad regime" like Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

During a speech on Tuesday, Durbin, the Senate's number two Democrat, quoted from an FBI agent's report describing detainees at the naval base in Cuba as being chained to the floor without food or water in extreme temperatures.

"You would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings"


Durbin apologizes for Gitmo 'Nazi' remarks

"Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line," Durbin said. "To them I extend my heartfelt apologies."

His voice quaking and tears welling in his eyes, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate also apologized to any soldiers who felt insulted by his remarks.

Durbin was heavily involved in IRS illegal targeting of people who opposed Democrat policies and even lied to the Tribune about his involvement.  He compared what IRS did to Nixon.  I agree.

Durbin Caught Lying About IRS Contact at Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Session

Dick Durbin flat-out lied to the Tribune editorial board. This is important because we don't know how deep Dick Durbin's role was in the IRS scandal that he himself characterized as reminiscent of the worst abuses of the Richard Nixon era," Oberweis said.

Oberweis again called on Durbin to reveal all emails and correspondence he and his staff had with the IRS, and this time tell the truth.

Durbin has refused to support a special prosecutor in the IRS scandal and is saying that only 2 of 100 people in Illinois care that the IRS illegally attempting to suppress Americans' political speech.

Basically, Durbin will change his positions with the wind.  That is how he became number two in the Democrat hierarchy in the Senate.  He does what he is told. 

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