Saturday Schadenfreude: Dems redistrict NeverTrump GOP turncoat Adam Kinzinger into a Dem district with a popular Dem incumbent

Maybe Adam Kinzinger, the nominally Republican Congressman from Illinois, thought he would win goodwill from the donkeys by attacking Trump and (along with Rep. Liz Cheney) joining the January 6 Inquisition run by Nancy Pelosi, allowing it a thin veneer of "bipartisan" character.  But he has just learned a bitter lesson, as Illinois Democrats, forced to redraw congressional districts because the state lost a seat as people flee for saner states, have redistricted him into a Democrat-heavy district with an incumbent who won re-election by a 12.7% margin in 2020.

Joel Pollack reports for Breitbart:

Democrats who are in charge of redrawing the map have divided the 16th district, putting Kinzinger in a new version of the 3rd district, which has been Democratic for decades and is currently represented by Rep. Marie Newman.

As the Illinois political news website Capitol Fax notes, Democrats also redrew the 16th district to pit current Republican incumbents Mary Miller and Darin LaHood against one another. (snip)

The 2020 Census left Illinois with just 17 seats, after it lost population for the first time in 200 years. Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) reneged on a campaign promise to use an independent redistricting commission to redraw the congressional map.

Of course he did.  Democrats will use any tactic at all to hang on to the House majority.

I suppose that given his history, Kinzinger might try to move to another Republican district and contest the incumbent in a primary:

Kinzinger is no stranger to Democrats' redistricting shenanigans. After he defeated a Democratic incumbent to win his seat in 2010 with the backing of the conservative Tea Party, Democrats redrew his district to put his house in a Democratic district.

Rather than retire, Kinzinger decided to challenge veteran incumbent Republican Don Manzullo, a conservative favorite. He won the 2012 primary with the help of House GOP leaders, and has clashed with conservative Republicans in the years since.

The problem, though, is that Trump-supporters still dominate the Republican electorate, and if he did try to primary a GOP representative, I would expect Donald Trump to campaign actively against him.  While I can't claim to be an expert on Illinois congressional districts, I suspect there are none where anti-Trump sentiment dominates among Republican voters.

I wonder if this will affect his behavior on the January 6 inquiry.  Probably not, as his hatred seems personal.  It will just make his participation in the show trial all the more pathetic.

Photo credit: Hudson InstituteCC BY 2.0 license.

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