Reclaiming the narrative

For too long, progressive Democrats have been using Orwellian tactics to challenge traditional American values, to change the political narrative, to alter the culture of our nation, and indeed, to corrupt the meanings of words.  By way of an analogy to Orwell, consider some of the ways in which progressives twist reality:

  • Necessities are a right
  • Liberty is license
  • Freedom is dependency
  • Diversity is strength

When words lose their proper meaning, discourse becomes impossible, and it therefore becomes incumbent upon conservatives, adults, to regain control of the language.  Liberty is not license, and freedom does not follow from dependency.

Let us acknowledge that certain things are basic human necessities, such as shelter, food, clothing, and medical care.  Does this mean that these things are basic human rights?  Absolutely not; it means they are basic human responsibilities.  A warm home is neither a right nor a privilege; it is a personal responsibility.  Clothing is neither a right nor a privilege; clothing is a personal responsibility.

Is your tummy growling?  Get a job and buy some food.  Food and medical care are not rights; they are not privileges; they are personal responsibilities. 

Liberty-loving citizens need to reclaim the narrative, do away with the notion of privilege, and reframe the argument around right and responsibility.

Individual liberty does not mean that one has license to engage in any behavior one chooses.  We have public obscenity laws because one can express oneself without cursing.  We have indecency laws because there are few who wish to see that cellulite and those jelly rolls, and we certainly don't need more distracted drivers.  Societies adopt laws that reflect their morals and historically gained wisdom. 

Western civilization is the result of the synthesis of Judeo-Christian morality and Greek philosophy and reason, and this is reflected not only in this nation's founding documents, but in the genius of those who blazed the intellectual trail to the United States Constitution: Socrates, Plato, Augustine, Calvin, Hobbes, and Locke.  Tradition, culture, and the morality they bear should not lightly be discarded.  Patriotic citizens need to properly discern between liberty and license and reclaim the narrative.

Upon passage of the (un)Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi launched into a speech about how artists, and others with no marketable skills, would be free to pursue their passions because they wouldn't have to worry about their health care expenses.  They would still be artists with no marketable skills, but by gum, they'd have health care.

Now the progressive left wants to provide everything from free daycare to free college to free adult diapers.  Dependency is not freedom; the true path to freedom is motivation.  Let's reclaim the narrative.

Divide, division, diversity...hmm.  Multiculturalism and diversity are not, by definition, unifying principles: if they were, our coins would say "E Pluribus Plus" rather than "E Pluribus Unum."  The idea of the melting pot and a united nation is lost if one comes to this nation but refuses to become a member of our society and instead chooses to bring the wreckage of his homeland to our shores.  The infamous Ilhan Omar once stated that we need to dismantle this system.  Excuse me, Rep. Omar, but you abused this nation's immigration laws to get here, got elected to the House of Representatives, engaged in behavior that would have gotten you stoned to death behind the mosque in your homeland, and you want to dismantle my nation?  As I recall, Somalia has been dismantled for several decades, if it ever even was in one piece.

It is well nigh past time for patriots, those who cherish traditional values, those who cling to their God, their guns, and their Bibles, to stand up.  When someone states that a man can get pregnant, say no.  When someone states a boy can be a girl, say no.  When someone states our diversity is our strength, say no.  When someone states social dependency means freedom, say no.  When someone states you are privileged for making responsible decisions, say no.  Let's reclaim the narrative.

Graphic credit: Leo Reynolds CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

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