Questions Jen Psaki will never be asked by a mostly complicit press pool

In a shocking report, it was found that powerful people, including politicians, have gotten rich and hidden their wealth.

In another shock, the sun rose this morning.

When White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki was asked about this, she gave an amusing answer, stating that Joe Biden is focused on reducing corruption.  Biden and Kamala Harris are clearly as focused on getting rid of corruption as they are on securing the border.

Here is the story:

How the rich and powerful use secret offshore companies to hide vast amounts of wealth, leaked documents show

If we had a press that was interested in reporting the truth, instead of campaigning to infect the public with the radical left's agenda, they would have a series of questions on corruption and other subjects.

On corruption:

Was it a bribe when President Obama, and then–vice president Biden, shipped $1.8 billion in unmarked bills to the tyrants of Iran?

Was it a kickback to the Obamas when Netflix gave them a $50-million deal, despite having no experience or product because net neutrality saved Netflix so much money?

Was it corruption when Russia got access to U.S. uranium after they paid Bill Clinton big speech fees, and interested parties donated huge amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation?

Was it corrupt when the CFPB, EPA, and Justice Department shook down companies and established slush funds to give kickbacks to leftist groups?  Why did Biden reinstate the corrupt slush fund at the Justice Department as soon as he took office?

What about when Hunter Biden took multiple flights on government planes and got huge kickbacks from Russia, China, and Ukraine, despite having no experience was that corrupt?

If some of Hunter's kickbacks went into a joint account with his dad, would that be corrupt?

HUGE: Emails Show Joe Biden Could Be Ensnared in FBI Investigation Into Hunter

When Biden blackmailed Ukraine with $1 billion in taxpayer money if it didn't fire a prosecutor who was investigating a corrupt company that paid no-show Hunter millions, was that corrupt?

If a president learned that a previous vice president's son was getting huge kickbacks from foreign countries, wouldn't it be a dereliction of duty not to have that corruption investigated?

If Biden and the Democrats determined that the Trump or Pence family took kickbacks and wanted an investigation, would that be an impeachable offense, since Pence and Trump might be potential opponents in a future election?

On Build Back Better or the economy:

If a college charged $50,000, would the cost still be $50,000 even if the government paid it, or would it be zero?

Isn't repeating the talking point that $5 trillion costs zero as big a lie as when the public was told that if Obamacare was passed, they could keep their doctor and keep their plan, their premiums would be reduced, and Obamacare would reduce the deficit?

Why do you continually lie that no one under $400,000 in income will pay more taxes when there are taxes on cigarettes and natural gas in the bill?

Why did Biden structure his personal taxes to save $500,000 in Medicare taxes while he lectures other rich people to pay their fair share?

Why would the public trust the IRS with $80 billion more, and to search their bank records, when under Obama, Biden they targeted political opponents, and under Biden, Harris they illegally leaked tax data to the media to push the leftist agenda?

Why do you continually lie that Trump's tax rate cuts cost trillions when revenues rose substantially after the rates were cut?  In other words, the tax cuts paid for themselves, so they cost less than zero.

Why would politicians ever raise tax rates when lower rates raised more money?

When Biden, Schumer, and other Democrats voted repeatedly against raising the debt ceiling, were they trying to destroy America?

On education:

Should anyone who believes that parents should have no say in their kids' education be elected to any office, whether it is a school board, governor, or Congress?

Why aren't kids in America proficient in math, reading, science, and other subjects despite having massive amounts of money thrown at the schools?  Would it be helpful to focus the teaching on math and reading instead of indoctrinating the children with the leftist agenda?

Why isn't it considered racist when Democrats block or defund vouchers that help minorities have more freedom of choice to go to better schools?

On law and order:

Democrats always say no one is above the law and are for equal treatment under the law, so why do they support sanctuary cities and states?

Should Hillary and her aides have been prosecuted for the violation of multiple security laws?

Should people from the FBI be prosecuted for lying to the FISA court to justify illegally spying on their political opponents?

Isn't it pathetic that Obama dictatorially ordered the "independent" Justice Department to stop a multi-year investigation into drug-running by the terrorist group Hezb'allah as appeasement to Iran?  How many people do you think died from terrorism or drug overdoses because Obama decided terrorists are above the law?

Isn't the biggest threat to democracy in your lifetime when the media, the DNC, the Hillary campaign, the FBI, and other bureaucrats in the Obama, Biden administration colluded to protect career criminal Hillary from prosecution while seeking to destroy Trump and associates no matter how many lies they had to tell?

Are gangs in cities, Mexican cartels, and Antifa more dangerous, or are parents showing up at school board meetings?  

On women's health care:

Since Democrats believe in women's freedom of choice for women, shouldn't it also apply to taking the vaccines?

Should women lose their jobs and be forbidden from many other activities for exercising their freedom?

Are European countries that have more restrictions on abortion than the Democrats want anti-woman?

As a person who believes in science, when is the scientific date that human life begins?

Democrats are actively trying to cancel anything concerning racism, so why aren't they canceling everything relating to Margaret Sanger, including funding Planned Parenthood, since she was a eugenicist who wanted birth control to weed out the poor?

Democrats like quotas on everything, so why not on abortions?  Isn't it racist to continually abort black and brown babies at a rate much higher than their percentage of the population?


Why did the CDC say COVID would pass easily on surfaces when there was no scientific data to show that?

Where did the CDC come up with six feet for social distancing for schools and elsewhere, since there was no scientific data to justify that?

Why did the CDC change the way COVID deaths are counted versus previous viruses since that decision was not science-based?

Why did so many journalists and government officials make such an effort to prevent an investigation into the Wuhan lab as the origin of COVID?

Why don't the CDC, Fauci, Biden, and others recognize the science of natural immunity?

Do you realize that cases are dropping in states throughout the country whether they required masks or not?

Where are the studies that show that masks work?

As Cases Plummet In Florida, New Data Show Forcibly Masking Kids Made No Difference

On energy:

Did Biden's actions to block pipelines and drilling, along with the future goal of zero production and use of fossil fuels, have a significant impact on the price increase in energy?

Do you realize that high energy inflation affects almost everything in the economy and especially harms the poor, the middle class, and small businesses?

Are you and Biden so naïve that you believe that Russia, China, and OPEC countries care about their carbon footprint and will also stop producing and using fossil fuels?

What will rubber tires be replaced with when we no longer use crude oil?

On climate change:

Wouldn't it be normal for the Earth to warm a few degrees after an over 500-year little ice age ended in the late 1800s?

How did we have global cooling from around 1940 to 1975 with rapidly rising CO2, fossil fuel use, and populations?

Why do we treat every pronouncement from the U.N. and others on global warming to be the gospel truth when their previous dire predictions of the last hundred years have been so wrong?

Shouldn't government policies be based on actual scientific data instead of on easily manipulated computer models and predictions?

On misinformation:

The media and other Democrats claim they want to block misinformation, so why haven't they blocked you, Biden, and others for falsely claiming that $5 trillion in new government spending will cost zero and lying about who will pay taxes?

Why haven't they silenced Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and others for all the misinformation they have spread on COVID?

Why haven't all the people who intentionally spread lies for years about Russian collusion and falsely claimed that Trump was an illegitimate president who stole the election been censored?

Why haven't media outlets, fifty former intelligence officials, and others who intentionally misled the public that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation been silenced?  After all, it is a great threat to our democracy when the media colluded with a party they support to bury the truth.

Why don't the media silence all the people who have made false, dire predictions on climate change instead of silencing people who tell the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally?

Google cracks down on climate change denial by targeting ads

Is it any wonder that the public has such a low opinion of Biden, Fauci, and the media when they spend most of their time intentionally misleading the public to pass a radical agenda to destroy America?

Image: Screen shot from PBS video via YouTube.

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