Progressivism can be hazardous to your health

There are so many ways progressivism has become hazardous to a person's health that it's hard to figure out where to begin.  Progressive policies range from being soft on crime to open borders to defunding the police to transgenderism and even to abortion (which is hazardous to the unborn).  Even the vaccine mandate carries profound risks.  One can take virtually any progressive issue and connect the dots to see how it threatens not just health, but life itself.

As I write, the news is reporting that a "Guatemalan migrant allegedly killed a Florida girl."  The illegal alien was apparently a DUI heading to buy more beer when he crashed into another car, killing a five-year-old girl.  This flows directly from Biden's open borders policy.  Other hazards from the policy are unvaccinated illegals, criminal illegals, human-trafficking, and drug cartels bringing in fentanyl, a highly lethal painkiller responsible for an epidemic of American deaths.

In less than a year, over 1.7 million illegals have entered America, with 2 million projected by year's end, the most in U.S. history.  And there's always the possibility that terrorists will enter, too, creating the risk of another 9/11, with massive death and destruction.  Trump's administration reduced the flow of illegals to the smallest number in recent history.

When it comes to being soft on crime and defunding the police, it can be demonstrated that crime in America is skyrocketing, and not just petty crime like theft, but violent crime like murder.  The Defund the Police movement that began with George Floyd's death, a movement supposedly started in the name of "social justice," has ended like almost all things progressive: it didn't accomplish anything and ended up putting many people at risk.  This can be demonstrated by the empirical evidence that there's been a record 30% increase year over year in homicides in the United States.

George Soros, the mega-bucks leftist donor, has been funding election campaigns for progressive prosecutors for years.  In Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, where his candidates are in place, prosecutors seek ridiculously light sentences or decide not to charge criminals at all.  The results have gotten so bad that, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are powerful movements to recall these Soros prosecutors because of the damage their policies are inflicting on the general population.  Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that, under the Soros-installed prosecutor Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, homicides have spiked 40%.

Progressives have been pushing transgenderism hard in recent years.  Amazon is banning books describing how transgenderism harms people, especially teenagers, and Twitter de-platforms people for speaking out against the absurdity of transgenderism.  In Loudoun County, Virginia, a "gender fluid" boy in a skirt raped a ninth-grade girl in a school bathroom, and the school district covered up the crime.  This is not the first instance of so-called "transgender women" sexually assaulting women and girls.  This site has numerous examples.

As for vaccine mandates creating hazards to one's health, hundreds of health care workers across America, especially nurses, have been forced to leave their profession if they don't get vaccinated.  Although there's been a nursing shortage for a while, now it's getting closer to a crisis situation, where the world-class medical facility the Cleveland Clinic is now offering extraordinary incentives to nurses to work overtime.

With such a dire shortage, it's easy to see how the potential for understaffing or mistakes by an overworked and tired nurse can put patients at risk.  It seems as if it will be just a matter of time until a tragedy occurs because of this.  By analogy, the movie lot on which Alec Baldwin killed the director of photography has been described as an accident waiting to happen because of shortcuts on the set.  The CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, Tom Mihaljevic, has even expressed his reluctance to impose a vaccine mandate for fear of endangering patient care.

Finally, some twisted form of progressivism brought death to thirteen Americans as Biden ignored his military advisers and stuck to an arbitrary hard deadline withdrawing from abandoning — along the way releasing dangerous prisoners and abandoning Bagram Airfield, which would have ensured the safety of American citizens left behind and U.S. military personnel.  The safety of those still there now that there's been a total withdrawal remains in question, and no one knows if the situation will end well or in another tragedy.

Looking at the big picture and connecting the dots from progressive policies and mandates when implemented, the results are clear: progressivism is hazardous to your health.

Image: Empty hospital by Ante Samarzija (cropped).  Unsplash license.

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