One way forward: A plan for victory, in a nutshell

What's our plan for victory?

If they're working to foster a revolution, what's our plan for the counter-revolution?  How can we inoculate ourselves against those who want to take America down?

Many on our side often seem to be at a loss.  Those of us who are paying attention seem to alternate among being confused, enraged, and demoralized.  Our elected leaders are constantly playing defense and rarely seem to think beyond the next election.  Even some of our best players seem intent on documenting our decline but not actually countering it.

Our opponents, on the other hand, are aggressive and vicious and seem to think decades — even centuries — ahead.  They have a real plan.  That puts us at a serious disadvantage.

But luckily, it's an advantage we can correct.  That's one reason for optimism.  There are others.

But first, we should clarify what is "our side" and what is "theirs."  When Bill Maher has become a better defender of America than a Romney, Cheney, or Bush, we can rest assured that many of our usual categories have dissolved.

For our purposes here, we can define "our side" as those who love America and want her to thrive and "their side" as those who hate America and want her to fall.  To "fall" here doesn't necessarily mean collapse into a fallen state.  It could mean that it's transformed into something utterly unrecognizable, even if the label continues to be "America."

So for those patriots who love America and want to win, again: what's our plan?

Luckily, much of it is already in place, in a way.  It's been formulated, in fact, by those who have been studying how to acquire power, relentlessly, and perfecting it as a discipline for decades.  They're amazingly good at it, and it's been proven effective in the real world.

The bad news is, this has been done by our opponents, while the rest of us have been off living lives.

First, let's look at their plan.

  • Ruin families.
  • Take over schools.
  • Corrupt the youth.
  • Indoctrinate children.
  • Convert young people into vicious, hostile activists.
  • Slander, distort, and attack the idea of America.
  • Keep everyone in the dark about communism, socialism, etc.
  • Run for office.
  • Stoke divisiveness between everyone: race, gender, sex, etc.
  • Infiltrate local offices: city councils, county boards, etc.
  • Take over all media.
  • Promote misinformation.  Keep everyone distracted.
  • Create propaganda.  Promote groupthink.
  • Promote materialism, hedonism, status-seeking, etc.
  • Work to deliberately eradicate traditional culture.
  • Redefine words constantly.  Keep everyone confused.
  • Seize the moral high ground on every issue.
  • Assume opponents have surrendered the moral high ground.
  • Slander all opponents.
  • Define opponents as criminals and punish them accordingly.
  • Take over the entertainment industry.
  • Take over big businesses.
  • Take over Big Tech.
  • Rig elections.
  • Corrupt the voting system.
  • Work to extinguish free speech.
  • Train double agents and infiltrate their side.
  • Deliberately destroy attention spans.
  • Foster addictions of every sort.
  • Promote sexual confusion and anarchy.
  • Take everyone's guns.  (Except for theirs, of course.)
  • Corrupt the legal system.
  • Corrupt religion.
  • Do all the above while pretending to do the opposite.

So, what is our plan to counter the above?

It's simple. We take their plan and do the reverse.

  • Build families.
  • Take over schools.
  • Protect our children.
  • Educate children.
  • Convert young people into defenders of truth, goodness, and beauty.
  • Defend the idea of America at every turn.
  • Educate everyone about communism, socialism, totalitarianism, etc.
  • Run for office.
  • Foster harmony between humans of every race, both sexes, etc.
  • Get involved locally: city councils, county boards, etc.
  • Take over all media.
  • Promote truth.  Keep everyone focused.
  • Create counterpropaganda.  Promote clear thinking.
  • Promote intelligent approaches to "the good life."
  • Work to celebrate traditional culture.
  • Clarify the definitions of words constantly.  Fight sophistry.
  • Clarify the moral high ground on every issue, and don't surrender it.
  • Expose anyone trying to seize the moral high ground incorrectly.
  • Expose all opponents.
  • If they try to define us, we defend ourselves and expose them.
  • Take over the entertainment industry.
  • Take over big businesses.
  • De-politicize Big Tech.
  • Work to create and defend legitimate elections.
  • Work to fortify the voting system.
  • Deliberately work to foster free speech.  To offend is not a crime.
  • Train double agents and infiltrate their side.
  • Deliberately foster attention spans.
  • Deliberate work for inner freedom.
  • Promote sexual clarity and a healthy degree of self-discipline.
  • Refuse to disarm.
  • Defend the legal system.
  • Defend religion from being corrupted.
  • Do all the above while exposing those who do the opposite.

The above is a brief, rough sketch.  It can be expanded at length.

But it can work.  It's proven effective at weakening America.  We can prove that it's effective at strengthening it.  Hidden in this formula is our antidote.

Their core strategy is to corrupt us from the inside.  But we can do the same to them.

If we do this, we will win.

The question is, will each of us pick a front to fight on — something from the list above, or something else — and dive in and fight?

Image: Victory by Libby (text added).  Unsplash license.

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