No, there won't be a national divorce

It isn't surprising that people are getting fed up with their political partners.  There is sufficient divergence of opinion on how to handle most national problems that we are unable to reach a consensus.  We have trouble finding even solutions that make both sides equally unhappy.

Separation is not the answer.  This is a matter of separating the country based on beliefs about what the driving factors of solutions should be.  Even for a country founded on an idea, this is not practical.

The most obvious problem is the sheer logistics of separating into two groups.  Considering that states, cities, and even families may have representatives of both sides, do you try to force people to move apart, or do you allow those who dissent from their neighbors to stay and continue to sow discord?  Free speech, however interpreted, will not prevent people from disagreement.  Pretending to solve the problem by ostracizing each other is more or less what we already have, and no divorce is needed.

If that problem could somehow be managed, there would still be the issue of trying to preserve inter-nation commerce.  Will we stop trade between the states?  What if red states don't want to produce tons of non-GMO organic whatever, and that's all they allow themselves to buy?  They will assert cruelty as an explanation for not producing such things, no matter how much normal produce is offered.  We have insults lobbed at us now, and divorce will not fix being blamed for everything that goes wrong in blue states.

Since leftist economies tend to be run by incompetents, they also tend to fail.  Where will their people go?  Will we stop them, and if so, how?  They may come as individuals, looking for a better life, and yet still believing that things ought to be done in support of leftist priorities like "equity."  Leftist equity is always about taking from the haves, never about producing more so it can be given to the have-nots.  Their heads are filled with what they are "owed," not what they are responsible for.  This is the current situation, without a divorce.

The most significant problem is that even if logistics were a snap, the leftist true believers can never accept that disagreements can be tolerated.  They paint dissent as evil on the canvases of their minds, and they will send ringers and activists to the red states.  One thing they will not do is leave us in peace.

Divorce is neither feasible nor effective.  If conservatives packed up wholesale and went Galt to the North Pole, the blues would eventually come looking for us.  They will not live and let live.  We have to be conquered as proof that their horrible ideas are superior.  They intend to win the idea war by destroying dissent.

We cannot leave them.  We have to conquer them instead of them conquering us.  And the problem there is that we abhor their tactics, yet they will not listen to talk or participate in a rational discussion.

Divorcing your psycho spouse who blames you for everything wrong in his or her life is appealing but unproductive.  We have to begin a long march through the institutions, as they did, and capture the minds of the next generation.  Someone said he fought today so his children could have peace.  The truth is that we have peace only if we remain always ready to fight.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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