New Jersey's Phil Murphy has COVID plans he wasn't going to share with voters

New Jersey's governor, Phil Murphy is another Democrat governor who has seen COVID's appearance on the scene as the opportunity to expand his power far beyond the Constitution's parameters.  In 2020, he implemented some of the most draconian lockdown orders in America, including locking down vulnerable seniors with people already infected with COVID.  Now that he's in a tight re-election race against a dynamic Republican candidate, Murphy planned to keep secret that he intends to mandate vaccines.  Project Veritas Action, however, gave away the secret.  New Jersey voters should be outraged.

Murphy, a product of the Ivy League and Goldman Sachs, became New Jersey's governor in 2018.  A formerly generic Democrat, he became a power-mad tyrant once COVID hit America.  As happened in New York, he locked down gyms and restaurants, and even put the kibosh on family gatherings and religious services.

In April, Murphy ordered the arrest of 15 men for attending the funeral of their rabbi, something that is exceptionally important in the Orthodox Jewish community.  When Tucker Carlson quizzed him about riding roughshod over the First Amendment's assertion that people have an inherent right to worship and assemble freely, Murphy guffawed, saying core constitutional rights are "above my pay grade."  Instead, he said, all that mattered were data.

First, the Constitution is never above a politician's pay grade.  Second, there is no clause in the Constitution saying a governor can ignore it completely because the scientists say so.  And we know that Murphy wasn't listening to the scientists anyway.

After all, if Murphy had been listening to scientists, he wouldn't have herded people infected with COVID into old-age homes when it's been known since the virus first appeared that the elderly are the most vulnerable.  In August 2020, when there was still a rule of law in America, the Department of Justice asked the governors of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to explain the orders they issued that resulted in the deaths of so many nursing home residents.  The DOJ noted that "New Jersey's death rate by population is 1,733 deaths per million people — the highest in the nation."  Luckily for the four Democrat governors who conveniently wiped out the people most reliant on state-funded medical services, Biden's DOJ dropped the investigation.

Murphy's opponent in the upcoming gubernatorial election, the personable, dynamic Jack Ciattarelli, had a field day talking about Murphy's disregard for citizens' rights.

Ciattarelli is going to have even more fun with Project Veritas Action's most recent exposé.  It turns out that, once he is re-elected, Murphy plans to mandate vaccinations for all New Jersey citizens.

Setting aside the fact that this is almost certainly an unconstitutional plan, the big news is that Murphy had no plans to tell New Jersey's voters about his plan to force them to take an experimental gene-altering vaccine.  Nevertheless, both his senior campaign adviser and the manager of an organization working with the New Jersey Democratic State Committee to re-elect Murphy say he will absolutely do so.

Here's the transcript from Project Veritas:

Wendy Martinez, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Campaign Senior Advisor: "What do you mean the mandates?"

Veritas Journalist: "The [COVID] vaccine mandates, like California, that has the mandate that everyone has to be vaccinated."

Martinez: "He [Murphy] is going to do it, but he couldn't do it before the elections. Because of the independents and the undecided."

Veritas Journalist: "The independents and the undecided would not vote for him if he did the mandates."

Martinez: "Because they are all into all the s---. My rights, my s--- — and they don't care if they kill everybody."

Veritas Journalist: "Well, you see that's good to know then…after he wins, then he'll do the mandates. The [COVID] vaccine mandates."

Martinez: "He will, but right now is about him winning. It will be fine."

Matthew Urquijo, the manager of New Jersey forward, said the exact same thing.  (You can see the transcript at Project Veritas, too.)

On Tuesday, when Project Veritas caught up with both Martinez and Murphy to ask them about what Martinez had said, both refused to comment (although Murphy's press secretary promised to email an answer).  Neither could just say "no."

No matter your political party, if you're a New Jersey resident who doesn't think a governor should have the ability to force people to take experimental gene-altering shots with significant side-effects, especially for a disease that, for people under 60, has a greater than 99% survival rate, then you'd do well to vote for Jack Ciattarelli.  After all, even if you're "pro-vaccine," the next shot Murphy orders might be one you don't want to take, but...too late...there'll be a precedent.

Image: Wendy Martinez.  YouTube screen grab.

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