Magnet! Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion bill hands cash to illegals worth more than annual per capita income of 74 countries

Imagine you are a Honduran. If you make the average Honduran per capita income of $2,405.70 a year, and suddenly learn from a relative up in el norte that Joe Biden is handing out $3,600 a year to anyone in the U.S., legally present or not, for nothing more than having kids, what would you do?

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

President Joe Biden’s budget includes a provision that provides billions of dollars in cash to illegal aliens with children.


Families, regardless of their legal status, would be eligible to receive checks of $3,600 per year per child. The Democratic bill would amount to a universal basic income for parents residing in the country. Under U.S. law, illegal immigrants are barred from enjoying the benefits of federal entitlements.

Proportionally, that cash would be the equivalent of a $95,089.56 free ride, based on the U.S. average per capita annual income of $63,543.60

You'd weigh your options, and decide what your best ones were. One, you could be breaking your back to earn the $2,405.70 a year back in Tegucigalpa, assuming you were earning the average (and at least half the country earns less). Or two, you could go to the states illegally, get a federal tax I.D. and the $3,600 would be yours. And as a bonus, you'd qualify it the minute you broke into the country illegally, and you wouldn't have to lift a finger to work for it. All you'd have to do is bring the kids. You'd also get free health care, free education, other cash benefits for the kids, and this doesn't even include the benefits handed out by states such as California, such as free housing and cash transfers. You're also free to earn more if you wanted, legally or illegally since, under Biden, there'd be no possibility of deportation once you break in.

What would you do?

Seems like only a fool wouldn't hotfoot it over to the states and take the free stuff. 

That's what's set to come should Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion "budget reconciliation" somehow pass in Congress. The cost to U.S. taxpayers, according to the Washington Free Beacon, should be "between $2.025 billion to $2.43 billion" a year, assuming no one else comes. What's on offer here is an absolute magnet for illegal immigration from across the world, as if there weren't already enough such incentives already laid down by Joe Biden in what illegal migrants are reading as his invitation to come.

I use the example of Honduras because there is so much illegal immigration coming in from that country already without the free cash from Biden. But there actually are 57 countries whose per capita income is less than that of Honduras, according to the World Bank, which makes the incentive to come even greater.

Worldwide, there are 74 nations with per capita incomes below the $3,600 level. Another five nations have per capita incomes below $4,000, including migrant-exporting Ukraine and El Salvador, as well as very large Indonesia. Large numbers of these countries (Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Iran, Nigeria, Cambodia, Haiti, India, Sudan, Somalia ) have large family immigrant networks already settled in the states. For would-be illegals, it wouldn't be much trouble to come on over on a visit if not overland with the coyotes, situate with a relative, and then take the big gringo's free $3,200.  

The Beacon notes that the cash pretty much amounts to a universal basic income. Because many migrants can live on that amount, it may well be just that for the less motivated. But for the more motivated, there's the prospect of working in the U.S. illegally, papers or not, and the cash from Uncle Sam means they can take very low wage jobs --- lower than the minimum in fact -- to raise their standards of living. That amounts to downward pressure on American workers' wages as new competition comes into the job marketplace that can work for less. Sound like a good deal for American workers? It's not just a goody bag for foreign lawbreakers, it's a shiv to the side for the American worker. 

That's appalling, and one more reason why this $3.5 trillion monstrosity must be sunk to the bottom of the sea by Congress -- with cement shoes.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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