Loudoun County schools are worse even than you imagined

We’ve written before about the madness in the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), most recently when it comes to parents protesting LGBTQ pornography in the school system’s libraries. There’ve also been newsworthy moments when parents spoke out about Critical Race Theory in the school district. One of the most explosive moments occurred when the school board, tired of having angry parents (i.e., voters) yell at them, called the cops, who made several arrests, including that of one man getting physically dragged out. It now turns out that the man was protesting the fact that the school’s policies led to a boy in a skirt sexually assaulting his daughter in a girl’s bathroom.

Luke Rosiak’s full story is at the Daily Wire, behind a paywall. This report is so important, though, that I splurged on a reader’s pass ($4/mo) so I could get to it. I’ll try to summarize the report’s high points but there are so many important details I can only touch the surface.

On June 22, Scott Smith, a White plumber, was filmed as the police arrested him and dragged him out of an LCPS board meeting. It was his arrest, writes Rosiak, that the National School Boards Association cited when it sought the federal help that AG Merrick Garland so willingly gave, referred to as a possible form of “domestic terrorism.”

But that’s not where the actual "domestic terrorism" occurred. It took place three weeks before at Stone Bridge High School. On May 28, a boy wearing a skirt entered the girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School and subjected Scott Smith’s ninth-grade daughter to a violent sexual assault.

The school called Smith but, when he arrived, told him they were going to handle the matter “in-house.” When the school eventually called the sheriff’s office, it wasn’t to arrest the alleged perpetrator (who later admitted the act) but was because Smith was making a scene—he wasn’t violent, but he launched obscenities at the principal. Still, the sheriff’s deputies took Smith’s daughter to a hospital, where a rape kit showed that she had, in fact, been sexually assaulted.

The principal then sent a message to the school community saying that, while the deputies had shown up at school, everyone at the school was fine. He made no mention of the fact that a sexual assault had occurred on campus.

Fast forward to June 22. Rosiak writes that, immediately before Smith’s arrest, the LCPS superintendent “lectured the public that concerns about the [proposed] transgender policy [on the agenda] were misplaced because the school system had no record of any assault occurring in any school bathroom.” That was followed by Jackie Schworm, a leftist activist, telling Smith she thought his daughter was lying and threatening to destroy his business. Smith responded angrily and suddenly found himself handcuffed and dragged across the floor with his pants trailing behind him, a perfect image for leftists of a violent, White, transphobic man.

The local prosecutor, a Soros-style activist who opposes “mass incarceration,” did her best to get Smith locked up. At this point, of course, she knew or should have known what happened to Smith’s daughter, for the suspect was charged and under house arrest. Although Smith doesn’t know what happened to the boy (his records, as a juvenile, are sealed), he does know that, in October, the boy sexually assaulted another girl at the school.

Although Smith and his wife are L(esbian) and G(ay) friendly, they’re not into the “T(ransgender)” stuff—and the boy who assaulted their daughter was a B(isexual). Still, when they heard that the LCPS board was planning to expand protections for Ts, they felt they’d better show up—only to have Beth Barts and other board members insult and ridicule them. Moreover, board members denied that there was any safety issue for girls in the restrooms. “Smith tried to contain himself as activists who prioritize ‘lived experience’ and ‘believe women’ ignored his daughter.”

About this Beth Barts—you’ve heard of her before, for she was so aggressively hostile to anyone that challenged leftist policies that people moved to get her off the board, which resulted in her setting up a Facebook group to attack parents. One of the Facebook women was Jackie Schworm, the same person who verbally attacked Smith at the board meeting, leading to Smith’s arrest. During his arrest, Smith cried, “I can’t breathe,” but nobody cared.

The Daily Wire interviewed Schworm who denied everything, even as she claimed Smith’s daughter—who passed the rape kit test—had mental stability issues and accused Smith’s wife of confessing that there’s no such thing as CRT but that she still planned to incite parents at board meetings over CRT.

Ultimately, based upon the LCPS superintendent’s either ignorant or fraudulent denial that sexual assault happened in girls’ bathrooms, the LCPS passed its transgender policies—which might not have happened had Smith been allowed to tell his daughter’s story.

There’s so much more but what’s clear is that a formerly middle-of-the-road-conservative-ish community of working- and middle-class people is seeing a massive culture shift to the left. Many parents are unhappy and claiming that (a) the shift is hurting their children (and Smith’s daughter and the other girl prove this) and (b) that the board and its allies are lying and defaming people, including students, to advance their goals.

As Rosak writes, the aftermath is “Two girls, allegedly sexually assaulted in school, four months apart, by the same person. And so far, the only person to be convicted of a crime is the victim’s father.” And the ultimate irony, despite Smith’s daughter being sexually assaulted and later beaten, is that she’s a progressive. What kids learn in school matters.

Image: Scott Smith’s arrest. YouTube screen grab.

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