Let's Go Brandon to you, too

*)  To the NASCAR NBC reporter who lied, again she lied, to the American people on what their own ears were hearing of FJB after the car race: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the NBC/MSNBC fake news media that has not fired the NASCAR reporter for the gaslighting to the American people in which they heard the chants FJB: "Let's Go, Brandon.

Rumble Video screengrab

*)  To Nancy Pelosi, who is about to put on a show trial against the Trump supporters, MAGA Nation, and America First crowd for wanting the Presidential Election of 2020 to be fair, honest, and accurate: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To Liz Cheney for conspiring with the Deep State and Pelosi in their coup against President Trump and his supporters: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To Dr. Fauci who has said we might not be able to have Christmas this year because of the China/Covid virus: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the Left Wing trolls that used virulent hate speech to mock, ridicule, and find great pleasure in Governor Ron DeSantis' wife coming down with breast cancer: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the Biden Deep State who has not made it absolutely clear that America will use all means necessary to protect Taiwan from the invading Chinese, thus giving China the green light: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To General Milley who has made it very questionable, and probably treasonous/seditious, on whether he serves the President of the USA or the Chinese CCP: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the "Brownshirts" mob that followed Senator Sinema into a ladies restroom and also surrounded Senator Manchin's houseboat, for the obvious intention to intimidate their votes: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To CNN broadcaster Jim Acosta who constantly lied and deceived the American people during President Trump's presidency, and continues to lie and deceive during Biden's placement in office; Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the Biden Deep State that has incredibly stated that our southern border is secure and there is no longer illegal immigration coming into America: Let's go, Brandon.

*)  To the leadership of the military/CIA/NSA that left American citizens and Afghanistan interpreters behind, but somehow allowed Afghanistan pedophiles and rapists on the evacuation planes: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the "liberal" college professors throughout the land that are silent, completely silent, and mute, when it comes to Biden's Orwellian censorship of political speech that the government disagrees with: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the Biden Deep State that is now going to use the Patriot Act against "soccer moms" who speak out against CRT and gender fluidity: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the Corporate Media that for 4 years kept repeating that Trump was not legally elected because of Russia Russia Russia, but now says it's illegal and dangerous to question the legitimacy of the 2020 election (lying hypocrites): Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To Jen Psaki who is doing her best impersonation of "Baghdad Bob" as she lies to the American people every day that she takes the podium: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the CDC that continues to call a therapeutic a vaccine, when after getting fully vaccinated a citizen can both still get the China/Covid virus and can also pass it along to others: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the NIKE/NBA leadership that has seemed to make it clear, that they care much more about the billions of dollars coming out of CCP China than they do about Americans losing their freedoms and liberties: Let's Go, Brandon.

*)  To the National School Boards Association that told the Biden regime to treat dissent at local school board meetings as domestic treason and insurrection: Let's Go, Biden.

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