Leftists reach peak madness when the subject is lesbians and transgenderism

One of the defining characteristics of American leftism is misogyny.  Leftists work to encourage women to kill their babies and, of those allowed to live, to hand them over to the state so women can dedicate themselves to a career.  As "Caitlyn" Jenner and "Rachel" Levine show, fake women get accolades for accomplishments that should belong to women ("Woman of the year," "Four-star admiral").  And now that transgenderism is the "in" thing, lesbians are being told they're transphobic if they don't embrace (literally) so-called "transgender women" (i.e., mentally ill men).

On Wednesday, three stories popped up on my computer, but they are, in fact, all different facets of the same story.  Before I get to them, I'd like to share with you a true story going back to the 1980s, involving a woman I knew.  After her mother died, the woman's father confessed that, because he was alone, he could finally live out his dream and "transition" to being a woman.  When the woman saw her father a year later, he hadn't transitioned at all.  When she asked why, he explained that he had decided that he was, in fact, a lesbian and that he had more success as a lesbian when he looked like a man.

Fast-forward 35 years, and "transgender women" who claim to be lesbians are flocking to online dating sites and putting significant pressure on lesbians to date them, even though the lesbians aren't fooled — these are men.  And indeed, some of them are pretty darn scary men.

Not the Bee reports that "A lesbian dating app is being overrun by 'trans women'" and it's got the tweet to prove it:

Someone else chimed in with more evidence:

Take a moment to page through the pictures.  These men aren't even trying to look like women, although they're advertising themselves as "lesbians."

And that takes us to a BBC article reporting that lesbians are feeling enormous pressure to have sex with "trans women" (i.e., again, mentally ill men).  Just a couple of paragraphs give the flavor of the problem:

Jennie is a lesbian woman. She says she is only sexually attracted to women who are biologically female and have vaginas. She therefore only has sex [sic] and relationships with women who are biologically female.

Jennie doesn't think this should be controversial, but not everyone agrees. She has been described as transphobic, a genital fetishist, a pervert and a "terf" — a trans exclusionary radical feminist.

In other words, you're not a true lesbian unless you have sex with men.  Our modern world doesn't get crazier than that.  Except that, of course, it does.

A fascinating website called "Women Are Human," which carries "gender identity news for the mainstream," reported just the other day about Braiden-Lee McKee (AKA Brandy-Lee Gwyer), a man in Australia who claims he is a woman.  He's also an admitted pedophile and has been arrested for brandishing knives.  He also likes playing with guns.  Braiden's looking for love on HER, the app for lesbians:

That's Braiden in the upper left-hand corner.  If you go to Women Are Human, you'll see examples of Braiden's thinking, which is beyond scary and perverted.  You won't be surprised to learn that he's unemployed, is begging people to pay for his "sex change" surgeries, plans to become a prostitute, and identifies as a Satanist.

Lesbianism is a behavior and orientation that has been around since time immemorial.  Transgenderism is a mental illness that occurs when someone has a complete body-mind disconnect — and, in Braiden's case, seems to have an everything else disconnect.  To force lesbians to engage with men who are either truly mentally ill or scarily opportunistic is evil, but that's what the misogynistic left is doing.

And if you ask why I care so much about this issue, I'll say it's because a society that bases itself on unicorn farts and other illusory things is doomed — and on its way to collapse, it's going to hurt an enormous number of innocent people, including lesbians coerced into having sex with very sick and dangerous men.

Image: Braiden-Lee McKee (cropped).  Twitter screen grab.

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