Kamala Harris tries to 'wow' a crowd in Virginia -- and bombs

While Joe Biden was out making a fool of himself in event after event across Europe, Kamala Harris was doing her best to match him back home:

Get a load of her performance out on the campaign trail with Virginia's flailing Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe:



How embarrassing.

Notice that she's getting little response from her crowd, which presumably is a big friendly Democrat-voting crowd.

Why is she doing this?

Quite possibly because she has nothing else to do. Biden didn't seem to invite her to the global warming summit he was heading for in Europe --- the one with 85 cars in his entourage. Europe, recall, is that one place Kamala has never been to -- and she likes the "fun jobs" as well as the general luxe life of Instagram. I'm betting she would have liked to have been on that tour which had the added benefit of few political risks for her. Biden had room for 85 cars, and reportedly around 800 people on that tour, but no room for her? Interesting.

So, she was left home to campaign, and for a flailing candidate who's looking more and more likely to lose the election, assuming the polls are correct and come election day, no cheating ensues with the ballots.

So she puts on the jocular act even as nobody claps. I give her credit for not asking for claps, as Joe Biden, plagiarizing Jeb Bush, has done. But it still was an embarrassing performance.

Why is Kamala's performance so annoying that not even Democrats are clapping for her?

It's the same reason many of Hillary Clinton's speeches fell flat --- the common problem of phoniness.

What's phony about Harris laughing and cackling, asking voters to get out and vote for McAuliffe?

It's that phony 'down home,' 'tarnation' rural black Southern cadence she throws out for the voters as she laughs fake laughter and urges them to go vote. Nobody believes that's her real accent. Nobody believes she's just a down-home Southerner getting ready to pop some apple pie in the oven as she asks everyone to get out and vote. And no one believes she's pealing her laughter out of happiness. She's just putting on an act, a poorly played one.

Hillary Clinton used to do the phony Southern black accent, too, and it only made voters loathe her more than they already did. Kamala repeats it, going off the lemming cliff behind her instead of learning from Clinton's example that that is exactly what bombs with voters.

Kamala Harris, recall, hasn't got a rural or Southern-culture bone in her body. She's not Southern. She's from California, a rich part of California and has spent her working career in tony San Francisco. She's not even black as other black people are, she's half black, and has no African-American roots as such are recognized here. She's the daughter of two immigrants, one from Jamaica, and one from India, and was largely raised only by her Indian mother in Canada. If she wanted to do a Southern black cadence, she can only come across as phony. Now, if she wanted to do an Indian speech cadence, or a Jamaican speech cadence, either of which would also be phony, she'd be on slightly stronger ground, given that she has roots in those places. She doesn't do that because they don't sell votes, she prefers to go with the fake Southern black-cadence act. (In places like Jamaica, she wouldn't even be considered black.) But nooo, she puts on the phony Southern black cadence, and tells voters to get out and vote for her because's supposedly so like them.

No wonder it falls flat. As one wag on twitter noted, she's like a stand-up comedian who's unable to read a room and bombing with the audience. It goes to show that audiences can't be fooled by fakery. Too bad she still doesn't seem to know it.

Image: Twitter screen shot