Joe Biden's State Department finally gets around to saying it'll evacuate Americans and allies from Afghanistan

For a lot of Afghans who helped the Americans over the past twenty years in Afghanistan, it's too late. 

But here we are: Joe Biden's State Department has announced that it will finally get around to evacuating Americans and their allies from the Taliban-controlled hellhole, following his disastrously chaotic pull-out last August.  Evacuation flights should get going by the end of the year:

According to the Daily Caller:

The operation to retrieve U.S. citizens and Afghan allies left behind will require coordination with the Taliban and other governments, the official told The Wall Street Journal. Kabul’s international airport remains closed to regular passenger travel since the U.S. ended its first evacuation attempt on Aug. 31.

U.S. citizens, U.S. legal permanent residents and immediate family members will receive priority treatment in securing seats on evacuation flights, the official said. The State Department is hoping to eventually have several aircraft leave the country each week.

Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants will be eligible for American evacuation flights, but they will need to complete most of the SIV vetting process, according to the official. Other Afghans at risk, such as female judges or government workers, will not qualify under the department’s current plan.

Question: Wasn't that the plan they announced earlier, back when the chaos flights were taking off, filled with Afghan military-aged males who managed to push their way in front of women, children, old people, and the handicapped waiting in line to evacuate?  That was a nasty chaos situation that was effectively an overseas border surge of migrants, not Americans, and certainly not Afghan allies.  Those guys got left behind.  The U.S. ended up transporting tens of thousands of random people with no right to be on those flights, many of whom were failed visa applicants and people with terrorist ties who were unable to pass vetting.  The barbarism that has been seen from some of these transports — a gang of migrants who sexually assaulted a U.S. servicewoman on a U.S. military base and forced the military to operate on a "buddy system" on its own base — is absolutely disgusting.

The failure to vet the migrants, let alone throw them off, given that the military was sent to evacuate Americans and allies and those flight seats were American and allied seats, not migrant seats, was an absolute travesty of incompetence and failed leadership.  Here's another problem, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Qatar requires all passengers to have valid travel documents. Other issues have arisen over the presence on the planes of stowaways, and the prevalence of fraudulent documents. The U.S. is unable to deport Afghans without valid travel documents and Qatar won’t take them in.

In other words, they can't get rid of them.  Most of these military-aged migrants the U.S. ended up transporting in lieu of Americans have no travel documents and no way for anyone to find out who they are.  And the U.S. can't get rid of these lawbreakers; it has to keep them in to wreak havoc, sop up welfare payments, and commit crimes here in the U.S.  The Taliban themselves said most of the people the U.S. ended up transporting in that havoc were economic migrants.  They'd probably know.

What's wrong with this picture?  Based on the Journal report, apparently, there are a lot of them still in the pipeline in the Qatar way station, and Qatar sure as heck doesn't want them.  We are going to be stuck with them.

The Journal also notes that the U.S. will be working with the Taliban to get the people it should have gotten out last August. 

That would be the same Taliban that are busying themselves with hanging, branding, cutting off body parts from, and otherwise killing former U.S. translators, spies, and other collaborators.  Now the translators are expected to step up to the Taliban visa office, collect an exit visa, and make their way to the fleshpots of America while the Taliban, which are out of money, starve the rest of the country as well as themselves.

Sound as though they'll be amenable?  The Journal notes that many Afghans are afraid to approach the Taliban for visas, given that they will flag themselves to the Taliban as former collaborators with the Americans as they wait for permission from the fiends to leave.  Sound like a good bet for them?  It sounds like an invitation to a helicopter hanging.  What's more, with the Taliban serving as the "gatekeeper" as to who gets out, does anyone not think they won't seed the "go" list with terrorists for future 9/11 operations in the states?  It sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Here's the problem with this wretched belated bid from the Bidenites to assuage the administration's miserable failure last August: it was promised earlier.  And we got what we got.  Now they are promising it again.  Nobody was punished or fired for the last incompetence, so this one might be just as incompetent, complete with the transport of people who should not be on those planes at all.  Nobody gets punished for incompetence.  The Bidenites in their own minds never make mistakes — Joe himself called the chaotic evacuation of tens of thousands of migrants a great "success."

Now they are implicitly admitting it wasn't a success, since they need to go back and do the same thing over, this time under much harder conditions with the Taliban their partner.  What could go wrong?

Image: Screen shot from Vice News video via shareable YouTube.

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