Is Jill Biden asking about a 'process' for removing Kamala Harris?

It's been known for a while that the honeymoon between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has pretty much congealed.

In August, Kamala Harris was reportedly asking about how to get rid of failing old Joe:

Now in October, Jill Biden, who's Joe's gatekeeper and Mrs. Wilson, reportedly is asking the same of Kamala:

If the report is true, that's some White House they've got there over in the Biden administration.  Not only is Biden struggling to hold his badly split Democrat Congress together to pass his signature porkulus infrastructure and reconciliation bill with progressives reportedly in a rage, but he's also beset by infighting in his own White House, with the two main players trying to get rid of one another.  Call it the White House of the long knives.  As a lagniappe, we already know that Harris and Jill Biden can't stand each other.

The Daily Mail had a timeline story showing just how badly relations have deteriorated between Harris and Biden as the administration takes on water in the polls:

In the Biden-Harris administration's first nine months Harris has participated in 486 public and private events. 

But the number of open press events she has done with the president has already fallen sharply from 18 in the short month of February to just one each in September and October - marking September 11 and the anniversary of Martin Luther King's memorial dedication. 

A former Harris adviser told the Los Angeles Times said despite their public show of unity that Biden and Harris still remain divided by a lack of trust.

They said the vice president is disgruntled that 'she hasn't been given any all-star portfolio' to work with. The White House disputed the characterization.

Actually, they did — the high-profile border crisis, brought on by Joe's foolish decision-making, which rang a dinner triangle for human-smugglers to entice nearly two million illegals to enter the U.S. without authorization on junk asylum claims was an all-star portfolio that Harris wasn't up to.  Now Biden's supposed to give her more messes to make, as if he didn't already make enough messes on his own?  Sounds like a fifth wheel.  Another huge organized caravan is on its way from Mexico to the states, and Harris, naturally, is AWOL.

Not only is Harris not doing her job, but she's also not even been appearing with Joe at his major speeches anymore.  She's refused to appear at several critical ones — see the tweets on this item here.  What's more, Joe's copious praise of her hasn't been heard for months.  No more talk about a "co-presidency."  No more talk about Kamala being the last person in the room — seems she's not in the room at all.

The only thing we see now of Harris is her Instagrams, her first lady–style appearances at daycare centers, her tweets for Joe's agenda items.  What she wants and likes are the "fun jobs," as Posobiec puts it.  She's not interested in being vice president and actually governing.  She's interested in being Meghan Markle.  (Meghan, of course, is interested in being Kamala and going into politics, which brings the symmetry full circle.)

Now she seems to have been kicked out of the major decision-making on the border issue and probably everything else.

Last September, she announced a high-level meeting of U.S. and Mexican officials, which, presumably, she'd either lead or be a part of.  Somehow, she didn't go, even though the issues she'd put forward as border czar — such as root causes of illegal immigration — were on the table.  It might have been a matter of her own laziness in not wanting to do her job, which we've seen repeatedly from her.  But it also may have been that the Bidenites didn't want her going there and getting underfoot with her Instagramming as they sought to conduct serious business, or worse, that the Mexicans had had enough and didn't want her around.  There's been a lot of speculation that Harris is simply going AWOL, but the idea that the Bidenites are passively allowing it to happen might not be what's happening now — they may well want this giggling incompetent gone.  I wrote about that here.

Suffice it to say no more portfolio projects from Joe are likely coming.

And now we see the great distancing.  Harris going her way, Joe going his, while the Democrats themselves split into far left and merely left factional infighting in Congress on a matter that Joe considers critical to his presidency.

What a picture.  The only thing one can conclude from the bang-up job this "unity" president is doing is that they are all running scared, each taking a path that they expect will offer the best escape.  They know a red tidal wave is coming, and now it's every man for himself.

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