Insurgency tactics for blue state conservatives

If you haven't figured it out, we are at war.

The left has been launching a major offensive to marginalize, if not eliminate its enemies: Christians, the Constitution, and the rule of law.  This is not a shooting war, but a spiritual and psychological blitzkrieg.

God bless you if you are in a red state and not looking into the fearful and sometimes hateful eyes of anxious people whenever you walk into a grocery store or a restaurant without a mask.  And consider yourself blessed that you do not have to fight school officials to protect your children from testing and vaccine mandates.  That's what we face every day in illiberal blue states.  Patriotic Christian conservatives are insurgents behind enemy lines as we decide whether to move to free states or to stand and resist.

Graphic credit: New World Interactive, CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

As we go about our lives, we do so with the scars of severed friendships (because we refuse to cower to media-driven COVID fears) and the unconstitutional religious tests carried out by private employers.  And just as we bear up to that pressure, we are pummeled by new tyrannical edicts literally every day.

This is why I label the daily spiritual and psychological assaults a blitzkrieg — because the attacks do not let up.  We are under siege.

Nowhere are Christian conservatives more isolated than in these blue states.  Given this reality, it is vitally important that we begin the process of uniting with other like-minded Americans.  Begin this process by uniting only with friends and neighbors who are pro-liberty and pro-America.  Gather for a Bible study that also addresses cultural events and how they tie into the word of God.  Better yet, why not form a weekly study of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?  You could treat it like a Bible study, focusing on different segments each week.

Women, develop a book club where the novels you read involve historical figures.  Men, build camaraderie with fellow patriots, whether its playing golf, practicing at the shooting range, or enjoying cigars and spirits on a weekly or biweekly basis.  I especially enjoy this last suggestion because you hear different perspectives in a relaxed and, dare I say, masculine atmosphere, which leftist beta males hate.

If you do any of these things, I promise someone will thank you, perhaps tearfully, for arranging the gathering.  This is because up to that point, that person will tell you that he felt alone and fearful.  Trust me, it is a revelation to discover that other people share your emotions and most importantly your stance.  When this happens, it's as if the behavioral conditioning that has controlled this person's thoughts and actions is broken.  Perhaps the following example will give you a clearer understanding of this psychological manipulation.

The conditioning is akin to what happens to a baby circus elephant with a rope and a stake.  One leg of the baby is tied to a thick rope attached to a stake hammered into the ground.  The little elephant struggles against the rope with no success.  What the baby gets from his struggling is a painful rope burn on his ankle from all the effort.  Out of pain and futility, the young elephant eventually accepts his captivity.  At this point, the conditioning is complete, carrying into adulthood, where a 13-foot tall, five- to seven-ton elephant is made docile with a rope (or chain) and a stake that he could remove with little effort.  Remember, he's been conditioned to believe that resistance is futile.

Too many of us up to now have been conditioned to believe we are the baby elephant turned adult, still tethered to a rope and stake with the false belief that we are too weak to break free.  We're told we can't do anything to reverse the rampant corruption present in our country.  We're told you can't fight government.  However, the opposite is true.

There is strength in numbers.  Any one of us can be broken when we are alone, but we can become a force when joined.  Make plans to support and back up each other.  Encourage good people to run for local offices such as the school board, the city council, the county board of supervisors, or mayorships.  Discuss hoping for the best and planning for the worst.  But most of all, stop playing defense and take up the offense.

The truth is, there are more of us than them.  We are the majority who love and want the best for America.  The power comes from the people, and those in government are our servants, not the other way around.  When enough Americans rediscover this truth, that is when things will change in a big way.

Blue states are in deep spiritual darkness.  It is up to us, the insurgents, to be light, no matter the cost.

Dex Bahr is a freelance writer and author of the book No Christian Man is an Island:  Leading the Spiritual Quest in America's Culture Wars.

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