Independent voters… you own Joe Biden

By AZ Buck

Congratulations to all you “independent voters” who helped to install the hapless Biden administration, and the continued moral decay of the country. Yep, you own it!

I really can’t stand liberals, but I absolutely loath Independents.  You claim the moral high ground by professing that you’re above party politics.   Let’s be honest, you are unable to have a strong opinion on anything.  You’re the wallflowers at the dance, afraid to make a statement, afraid to offend anyone by expressing an opinion.  Instead, you go along to get along.  Herein lies the problem, you’ll stand for anything because you’re not willing to do what is right. 

Because you had a difficult relationship with a strong leader your vote for Joe Biden was a vote for the following, and these are just a few:  

  • Government lockdowns
  • Small business annihilation
  • Mask mandates
  • Vaccine mandates (Forcing Employers to fire good people)
  • Job-killing policies (Keystone Pipeline)
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Runaway inflation
  • Destroying our energy independence
  • Open borders
  • Alienating our allies
  • The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • Politicizing government agencies to harass dissenters 

The last point took an Orwellian turn last night when the Biden Department of Justice said it was going after parents for exercising their free speech at school board meetings.   Can independents continue to look the other way on these policies?  You independents knew that Joe never was up to the task, but you voted for him anyway.  So now we must all live with your bad decisions until 2024.  If the first eight months of this administration are any indicator, God help us!

Finally, for once in your life, be good stewards of this country.  The midterms are on the horizon. For the love of all things Holy, do the right thing and vote out the left wherever possible.

Image: Imfrogmation

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