I’m a Marine and the fear porn isn’t going to make me get vaxxed

I'm a United States Marine.  Our nation spent a handsome sum making sure I fear nothing and can kill anything. Being afraid simply isn't something I know how to do anymore -- that's a childish and weak emotional reaction in my view (fear does nothing but make you ripe for being exploited and controlled). There should be no surprise that I refused the vaccines, dared Wuhan Plague to come for a fight, and then kicked its ass when it finally found the balls to show up in Delta form.

Fear, the great remote control of tyrants, is why more than 60% of the country is ready to force dangerous vaxxes on their fellow citizens, force them out of work and into poverty, homelessness, and endless struggles to provide for themselves and their dependent families and children.

I'm a Devil Dog -- toughest damn thing in existence. I don't expect everyone to be so fearless and unstoppable (but I do thank all taxpayers for their generous contributions toward making me an impervious force). What I expect is for people to research, find the actual data, understand their own real risk (depending on category of person), do what they think is medically appropriate for themselves, and then support the right of every citizen to have unfettered access to the same process and personal choices.

Photo credit: WHO

Jarrad Winter is a dad, U.S. Marine, developer, engineer, whitehat hacker, and slayer of tyranny

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