How does COVID compare other things killing Americans?

We have vastly different responses to our current “master” disease (pun intended), the COVID virus, versus our more “mundane” diseases. Of course, COVID is contagious, like the flu or chickenpox, and the others are not. Yet COVID is far from being the worst killer. Cancer and cardiovascular diseases vie for that honor. The American Cancer Society “projects” that 1,898,160 people will get cancer in 2021, and 608,570 will die from it. Cardiovascular disease deaths in this country number over a million per year, between heart attack and stroke.

We have far less panicked reactions to cancer and cardio, compared to COVID. We’re told COVID death totals to date are a bit over 700,000. That’s in the last 20 months, so about 400,000 in a year. To believe that number, you must accept all the people who died “with” COVID — those who tested positive within 28 days of their deaths, whatever the actual cause of death.

When Alameda County, California, looked at its death stats a few months ago, it reduced the COVID totals by 25%. Then there are all the people who might have been saved had they gotten early treatment. See India, where you can note the dramatic decline after introducing the ivermectin protocol at the height of their Delta surge. The charts tell quite a story. Maybe, if they “let us” get treated when we got sick, the death count would be down by another 25% or 50% or even more.

Check all the flu cases that never happened last winter: there was “no flu season,” and one explanation is that it was counted as COVID. Unless you think masks made the difference. Flu routinely kills upwards of 30,000 people a year.

The biggest risk factor for all COVID deaths has been age, plus physical fragility from one or another of our “mundane” afflictions, including diabetes and obesity. The vast majority of people who have died from COVID are over 75 years old.

That leaves few probable COVID deaths within the under-75-year-old, healthy demographic, although we don’t know the real number, because we’re not meant to know. If we knew, we might stop panicking, stop vaccinating, and live our lives normally. Remember that kind of life?

We have our American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association, but no COVID association. The two associations act as clearinghouses for data and fundraisers for research. The US government doesn’t direct them. Within both diseases, we’ve therefore made great strides in improving treatment, life expectancy, and quality of life. That is the aim—and there’s an open dialog, for the most part, within the scientific community as we go about achieving it. The system’s not perfect, but it’s way better than government-directed tyranny.

COVID is new, it’s “novel,” and perhaps not enough time has passed to create a non-government entity. But everything that has been done to date by our bungling CDC has caused us to be terrified of COVID, and inordinately preoccupied with it. We all know it’s a mess.

Our government’s response has been destructive, rather than constructive, through the Trump administration and even worse, in the Biden era. It’s turned otherwise normal people into virus-fearing zombies, to the point of irrationally imposing admittedly useless masks and dangerous experimental biologics on children, despite everyone knowing this blatant hocus-pocus does zilch, and that both can be terribly dangerous—to my non-medical mind, far more dangerous than the virus to the younger population.

It’s all kind of similar to drowning witches was way back in the day. You remember the trope—throw the witch in the lake and, if she can float, she’s a witch and must be burned; if not, she’s a normal human but, alas, now a dead one. Right now our government is turning the obedient of us into drowning victims while attempting to burn us skeptics at the metaphorical stake.

Reports from the countries with high vaccination rates include myriad new hospitalizations for severe disease, with a preponderance of vaccinated victims. Predictions of new variants the vaccine can’t touch abound, and loud voices are telling us the vaccine caused this. If only “they” would listen. Instead, as of May, we’ve conveniently stopped counting “breakthrough” cases here. Even the British are asking us why that is.

The media and government drive the narrative of evil COVID, without ever weighing the harm they are doing to society and our general health. The statistic I’ve been trying to find, to no avail, is how the vaccine is affecting the rate of death from other diseases. Do we have a dramatic increase in heart diseases? As it seems, yes. Especially in the very young who’ve gotten the jab. Do we have an increase in cancers? Reports from other countries say yes. What about dementia? Is anyone paying attention?

Image: COVID virus (public domain), edited in befunky.

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