Harry and Meghan’s ‘made-for-Netflix’ fake royal tour of New York

Perhaps like me, you were unaware that Harry Sussex and Meghan Markle staged a tour of New York City this week, aping what a genuine royal tour of a member of the British Royal Family would look like. But if you are a subscriber to Netflix, you almost certainly will be offered a documentary of it, because the couple reportedly signed a multi-year deal with the streaming giant that the New York Times reports could subsidize the lifestyle of a monarch for at least a few years:

Two executives involved in those discussions said representatives for the couple at one point were seeking a deal in the neighborhood of $100 million. 

Harry was clearly wired for sound as they made their way through Gotham:

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

Fortunately for those of us who would rather undergo a root canal than watch an hour or two of puffery about self-absorbed, PC-obsessed fake royals, Andrew Bolt of Sky News Australia did a 6 minute-plus hilarious segment of his program on the fake royal tour, embedded below. There are many interesting points covered. The best they could do for “dignitaries” that would meet with them consisted of Chelsea Clinton, Bill de Blasio, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield (she’s the US Ambassador to the United Nations, in case you [like me] had forgotten).

Andrew Bolt is an Australian writer and TV commentator who deserves a wide audience here. I read a lot of his material that appears in the Murdoch-owned Aussie newspapers, sent to me by Australians.  Sky News Australia also comes up with wonderful content on a regular basis. Rita Panahi, one of their hosts, has a Twitter feed that is full of humor. I just downloaded their app, which is available in the USA, and look forward to checking what they make available to us Yanks there. (update: I just tried it out and the programming is not available in the USA, so I am deleting the app.)

Even (or especially) if you despise these egomaniacal shallow celebrities, this video will reward your investment of time.

Hat tip: John McMahon   

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