Get a load of this latest TikTok teacher who sings of parents as terrorists

Does anything good ever come from TikTok?  Get a load of its latest charmer: an apparent public school teacher, shrilly "singing" in kindergarten cadence her own ditty about parents at school boards being "terrorists."

Caution: You can't unsee it:

Here are her genius lyrics to what she's grandly called an ostinato:

Terrorists. Terrorists. Purple for Parents are… Terrorists. Terrorists. Purple for Parents are… While some had good intentions, they all were misinformed. Now threatening violence, doxing teachers has become the norm. They come to school board meetings with lots of things to say, and they will bully, cuss or scream if they don't get their way.

Where does that hostility come from?  Imagine her sarcasm in a classroom with small kids in general, given that this is her personal style.  Should, God forbid, one of her students have an activist parent calling for more involvement in children's education, one can only imagine how she treats the kid.  Anyone that hostile to parents shouldn't be anywhere near their kids.

Meanwhile, Purple for Parents, the group she "sings" about, is a parents' rights group focused on children's education, seeking to put a stop to all the leftist propaganda and indoctrination going on in their children's classrooms through parental involvement.  They sound like the same sort of parental groups that have set Virginia's boards of education on fire, the ones that had been branded "terrorists" by the National School Boards Association before their big backtrack based on that going over like a lead balloon with the public.  This parents' group is active, so far as I can tell, in Indiana and Arizona.  A leftist group that they regularly seem to be in opposition to is a radical, well funded socialist teachers' group called #REDforEd, which Breitbart wrote about in 2019.  Maybe she's a member of that.

As for who the "teacher," is, that remains unknown.  She's got a "celebrate diversity" stamp on her TikTok video with a rainbow-hued Black Lives Matter–style fist, which looks like a standard Shutterstock "sticker."  (Hope she paid the rightful royalties for it.)  Thus far as is known, she could be Indiana- or Arizona-based, given her obsession with "Purple for Parents" in her singsong "lyrics."  She might have an Italian last name, given her resemblance to Italian-American pop star Madonna, plus her use of the obcure Italian word ostinato.  She seems to have musical training, based on this analysis by a guest on Dave Oliver's show on Real America's Voice.  Undoubtedly she teaches at lower levels in elementary school, given that no one can fake that style of singsong kindergarten ostinato in such a cadence without continuous practice.  If she's like the rest of these education-establishment miscreants, such as the charmer who forced her students to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag, her identity probably will come out. 

Identified or not, that's the rough outline of a leftist who got into public schools to indoctrinate and now opposes parental involvement, brazenly posting a TikTok video insulting America's parents for all her little friends to applaud.

Theoretically, she could lose her job over this, but look at what she's supporting.  Might that be the view of her union bosses protecting her and the general educational establishment?  Only "mere" parents targeted are intended to be offended.  

Quite unlike other TikTok-obsessed teachers looking for a moment of social media glory who've also posted offensive, repulsive videos (and there have been a lot of them), she's supporting the stated view of the educational establishment that parents don't belong in school. 

Here's a reported sign seen in Virginia in the heated governor's race in a tweet.  Assuming it's not disinformation from an opponent, it's really pretty shocking:

Here's a scoop from Chuck Ross at the Washington Free Beacon, showing that one Viola Garcia, of the National School Boards Association, a creature who was intimately involved in crafting the letter characterizing parents speaking out at school board meetings as "terrorists" and who had been in a lot of touch with the Biden White House in the lead-up to the disastrous letter, has now been promoted by Joe Biden to a national school standards board, failing upward.  You can't make this stuff up.

They all think this way.  And that's why this TikTok teacher has been made possible.  These people swim in anti-parent sentiment and now we are seeing lunatic videos such as one above without apology.

TikTok is full of disgusting things.  Now it's become a platform for parent-haters coming out of the woodwork.  It's hard to say which one is worse.

Image: Screen shot from shareable TikTok video via Twitter.

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