The View reveals how badly the left has lost the gun control argument

I've never watched The View other than clips of notable segments offering a glimpse into the minds of female progressive media people.  One such four-minute mini-discussion took place Tuesday that, I think, reveals that the gun-grabbers have lost the battle for control of the narrative on gun ownership.  Gun ownership by Blacks is rapidly expanding in the wake of the George Floyd riots and the demonization of police that has led to a spike in violent crime in most major cities.

Joy Behar introduced a segment on more Black females buying guns, and a member of the panel, actress Sherri Shepherd, who was a former cast member and is now filling in for Meghan McCain, announced she had purchased a 9 mm gun.  The audience laughed a bit nervously, but she elaborated that during the quarantine, she had felt helpless, especially when "a march" was announced in her neighborhood.

She went on to explain that she received firearms safety training and that she practices shooting with her girlfriends.  And she purchased the gun, as did some other actresses with her, at one of two Black-owned gun shops in California and felt "empowered."

In other words, she is a responsible gun owner (though, possibly as a joke, she states that she keeps her gun in "a drawer with my special toys," not locked up as it should be in a household with a child, her 16-year-old son, Jeffrey).  Nobody commented on that.

What followed revealed that the progressives are more or less giving up on gun control.  There was no derision at all.  The next cast member to speak, Sunny Hostin, mentioned the dangers to family members — something that happens when gun-owners are insufficiently trained — but mentioned "white supremacy" as the biggest domestic danger according to the FBI, implicitly endorsing the notion that Black people need to be able to defend themselves (especially from Whites).

Ms. Hostin stated that her Black girlfriends are also getting guns.  She mentioned Breonna Taylor and defending against "radicals" (by which I assume she meant White racists).  I kind of doubt that Ms. Sheppard was worried about KKK marches, but Hostin was searching for some way of avoiding attacking Blacks for owning guns and cast the trend as a reaction to White racism.

What really struck me was Joy Behar citing the history of gun control as a means of keeping Blacks disarmed, which is historically true in the South, when the armed wing of the Democrats, the KKK, terrorized Blacks and kept them segregated and subservient.  But she claimed that in the 1960s, the NRA sought gun control as a means of keeping Blacks disarmed as racial tensions grew.  Behar even predicted that now that Blacks are buying firearms, we'll see more gun control efforts!  I doubt she'll be joining the NRA anytime soon, but casting gun control as racist has got to please them.

Behar also stated, "If I got a gun, I'd shoot myself.  I'd shoot myself in the foot, I'm such a klutz."

So the fallback position seems to be that White racism is so dangerous that Blacks need to arm themselves, and it would be racist to stop them, but it's still dangerous to own guns.

All photos: YouTube screen grabs.

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