Democrats surprised to find that sneaky amnesty measures are going down in flames

If you're going to sneak amnesty for illegal aliens into a budget bill, it's probably best to do it when tens of thousands of migrants aren't surging on in.

That's the lunacy we are looking at — Democrats scrambling to deliver amnesty to illegals, through their 2,000-page, $3.5-trillion monster pork spending bill, and failing again and again.

That plan has now been nixed twice as out of order by the Senate parliamentarian's recommendation.

A second ruling by the Senate parliamentarian has Democrats grasping at straws over how to include some form of immigration relief in their sweeping reconciliation package, as activists pressure them to do more to change the upper chamber's rules.

Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough on Wednesday ruled against a Democratic proposal to offer permanent residency to millions of undocumented immigrants [sic], the second time in a week she's shot down a Democratic proposal that would have provided security [sic] for the population.

The decision was a stinging blow to Democrats that left them with few options, though some were moving toward a plan C that would involve granting parole to groups of undocumented immigrants [sic].

Her ruling is based on legal precedent, not border surges going on now.  But it's hard to not think there's some kind of connection.  Why are the Democrats doing their amnesty plan this way, through a sneaky rider in the $3.5-trillion pork bill, instead of a normal legislative way?  Hain't they got the power and majority, which they've bragged about for months?  The Hill notes that they are scrambling.  All those Democrat voters, all those spanking new welfare clients for bureaucrats to "service," it's all for naught, so they're upset.

"It looks really bleak. It looks like it will require many years before it can gel again," said García.


The Democrats can still vote on their amnesty for illegals as a completely separate bill any time they like, which is the legal way to do it.  But they really want a quiet little rider slipped on in with the $3.5-trillion pork-a-thon budget bill instead.

"This is still a vehicle that offers possibilities — now I'm talking about reconciliation — to protect people in the immigrant [sic] community, and I think millions of people," [Democrat Rep. Jesús García of Illinois] said.

We all know why the parliamentarian's ruling upsets them, actually — it's because they know that a normal bill will fail in both the House and Senate.  The voters don't want it.  They can see how tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pour in every time illegal immigration is rewarded instead of punished.  The amnesty, of course, would be the crowning glory.

And that's likely intensified by the activist fanatics, who include illegals themselves with a stunning entitlement mentality, who are now shutting down traffic in San Francisco.  On the Golden Gate Bridge, they were holding up Spanish-language signs to demonstrate their inability to assimilate, in order to prevent people from getting to their jobs, and pretty well annoying everyone.

They should be apologizing for breaking U.S. law and acting as constructive citizens if they wish to win any sympathy.  Not these guys: They're going for the Antifa strategy, browbeating the public through disruption and blocking vehicles, quite possibly emergency vehicles, in order to get what they want.

That's bound to make their cause less popular with the public as the border surge pictures from Del Rio, Texas, remain within memory.  The spectacle of previously resettled refugees out country-shopping and abusing the asylum system with junk claims was not an attractive one to the public, and any amnesty will worsen it.  Homeland Security secretary Alex Mayorkas is now refusing to send virtually anyone back, so at least 60,000 more are coming up from South America now.  In the San Francisco Chronicle's YouTube video, you can hear an angry driver held up at the bridge yelling to the cops, "Get 'em outta here."

That's what Democrats see for themselves, too, as they cling to their plan to slip amnesty by any skeevy means on through.

Image: Screen shot from San Francisco Chronicle video, posted on shareable YouTube.

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