Dartmouth College Dems try to shut down College Republicans' event and fail badly

Dartmouth College Republicans hosted three up-and-coming conservative voices in an event Sunday night.  Remarkably, all three of these articulate, patriotic voices are young:

  • North Carolinian Madison Cawthorn is the youngest Congressional House Member in the nation at age 26.
  • Congressional hopeful and rising star Karoline Leavitt presents a strong case (at age 23) why she should join him.
  • Alex Bruesewitz (24) is a proven campaign strategist who schools career politicians. 

From left to right: Alexander Bruesewitz, Madison Cawthorn, Karoline Leavitt.  (Photo by author.)

But for the Dartmouth College Democrats, what united the three was their allegedly intolerable political views.  Predictably, there was abundant vitriol.

The Dartmouth College newspaper attacked Madison Cawthorn with particular venom, listing an array of allegations and character attacks.  The paper's chief concern appears to be Cawthorn's challenge of 2020 voting results:

[P]erhaps his most damaging statements target democracy itself. In the months and weeks following the November 2020 election, he promoted the baseless and absurd idea that the election was "stolen." His dishonesty and apparent willingness to entertain violence if his party loses an election should be disqualifying for any reasonable conservative campus group. ...

[T]he College Republicans appear to be voicing their approval of his twisted and authoritarian vision.

Strange: The Democrats were quite vocal in their suspicions that the 2016 Trump win was less than trustworthy — the Democratic Party filed suit alleging that Trump had colluded with Russia and WikiLeaks to steal the election!  They "targeted democracy itself"!

It is common for election losers to question election integrity (anyone remember the Gore/Bush decision?), a phenomenon termed

the "winner effect." That is, those voters who support the winner in the election are more likely to believe their own ballots and the ballots of others were counted as intended, while those who supported the losing candidate are more likely to believe their votes were counted incorrectly.

Dartmouth Democrats don't want young Republicans to speak unless the roster is first approved by Democrats as acceptable:

The Dartmouth College Democrats are deeply disturbed by the Dartmouth College Republicans' chosen guests for their October 24th panel on "The Future of the Republican Party." (snip) All three speakers perpetuate harmful rhetoric against immigrants and minority communities, continually question science, and deny that President Biden won the 2020 election. (snip) It is our belief that these speakers will contribute to division, encourage prejudice on campus, and foster a negative campus environment not conducive to open, honest, and mutually respectful conversation. (snip) We are especially concerned about their hateful views towards immigrants and the effect of that prejudice on immigrants and children of immigrants at Dartmouth.

Aping their Alinskyite national leaders, Dartmouth's College Dems do not explain that what they dub "hateful views toward immigrants" translates into actual ideas to "support border security and the rule of law," as all three of these brilliant young conservative speakers unapologetically do.  Due to the current debacle at America's southern border (fueled by far-left extremist calls for open borders), a majority of the public is displeased.  The Dartmouth College Dems would exercise prior restraint over competing (and widely supported) views about immigration because of "the effect of that prejudice on immigrants[.]"  Weaponizing victimhood in the absence of victims by perverting the words of political opponents: Rules for Radicals 101.

Those who would silence three brave young GOP voices bellowed a tiresome chant of "Hey, hey!  Ho, ho!  These racist cops have got to go!" — perhaps directed at the security detail present to protect the disabled congressman in a wheelchair.  Another mantra was "Fascists go home!" to accompany the "No Fascists on our campus" signs.  Several male protesters taunted a female Dartmouth College Republican organizer, using her first name sarcastically.

Much like the ad hominem attacks on the speakers by the Dartmouth College Democrats and newspaper, the angry mob spewed hateful rhetoric toward fellow Americans who are anything but fascists — social justice "work" at work.  Later, the panel was repeatedly disrupted by rude outcries (though Alex Bruesewitz displayed incisive wit by provocatively responding, "Let's go Brandon!" to one disruptor, prompting enthusiastic cheering by the audience).

The contrast was palpable: conservatives (of all ages) were unintimidated and civil.  Those bent on silencing others seethed with anger, displacing reason as well as issue analysis with nasty personal slurs.  This "foster[ed] a negative campus environment not conducive to open, honest, and mutually respectful conversation[.]"

Endless tribalism and retribution — that is not a future that appeals to sensible citizens.  Expect to see more young Republicans leading our nation in 2022 and beyond.  It's in the cards.

That's the future of the Republican Party.

John Klar writes regularly on Vermont issues for True North Reports.

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