COVID: A series of accidents or a planned conspiracy?

With the advent of the Wuhan virus in early 2020, the country has been severely disrupted, metaphorically turned upside-down.  We've gone from ubiquitous mask-wearing to locking down the economy to the release of untested vaccines to now harsh vaccine mandates.  All through this torturous process, freedoms that were once taken for granted in the U.S. have been steadily chipped away.  We even witnessed the 2020 presidential election being stolen by increasing mail-in voting, extended time for voting, and overriding state election laws by a number of governors and attorneys general.  Containing the Wuhan virus was the pretext for this, and it made extensive cheating possible. 

Looking back at what has transpired, a question must be asked: is this whole COVID mess the result of a series of random accidents and bad decisions by those in authority?  Or is it a subterfuge that was planned out in advance?  The latter point brings us to conspiracy theory territory.

Conspiracy theories are a mixed bag.  Many are outright crazy, colorfully so.  However, some others have substance.  Today, what is often labeled a conspiracy theory is nothing more than something the ruling class finds uncomfortable being discussed.  Using their wealth and influence, the elite direct government agencies and their media stooges to ridicule and lambaste any debate that puts them in a bad light.  That's the reality we live in.

Consider this.  A number of conspiracy theories have been floating around from, say, the 1960s.  Each, in turn, has been debunked many times over by official government sources and the corporate media.  Fine.  But given what is now known about the clandestine war waged against President Trump by elements in the federal government, even some in his own administration, and the corporate media, should the idea of any conspiracies be dismissed out of hand?

Here's a recent example to make the point.  Remember the "straight-shooting conservative" Bill Barr?  He said that after a "thoroughinvestigation, his Justice Department determined that Jeffrey Epstein "definitely" committed suicide in his heavily guarded cell at Rikers Island in 2019.  The media accepted that as the "official" version, and now to refute it labels you a conspiracy theorist.  I ask you, is there room to doubt here?

Going back in time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: "If anything happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way."  FDR was in a position to know.  He was elected four times to the presidency.

Who could possibly be behind a COVID conspiracy?  Playing devil's advocate, I suggest the globalists or, if you will, the Davos crowd and their lackeys.  And what does this elite of the elite desire?  According to their public statements, some of which they've consistently repeated for decades, they call for one or more of the following:

1. Strengthening international organizations, 

2. moving toward global government and erasing national boundaries,

3. creating complacent populations, 

4. reducing world population through infertility and other means,

5. slowing economies to prevent global warming, which they feel is a threat, 

6. transferring wealth from the middle class to themselves,

7. empowering technocrats, and 

8. eliminating representative democracy to create situations like the European Union, where bureaucrats in Brussels run the show.

I submit to you that each of these globalist goals has been moved forward to one degree or another with COVID.  Donald Trump was an obstacle to the globalist agenda.  Without a doubt, the overreaction to COVID played a significant role in removing him from office.

So is this all happenstance...or were things planned this way?  I leave it up to you to decide.  But before you do, realize that the ruling class has both the motive and the means to pull this off.  And who would blow the whistle on these people?  The media?  Government agencies?

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