Conspiracy or greed? That’s the big question

Way back when, in the very beginning of Pandemic Time, March of 2020, I found an article that described a think-tank exercise determining how we might respond to a pandemic. It played out four response scenarios, with outcomes for each, from shutting down the economy, as we did, to doing nothing, emphasizing what each scenario would do to the world’s economy. I vaguely remember it being undertaken in either 2009 or 2014.

I wish I could find this article, but it’s either been taken down or buried so deep it might as well have been. My bookmark disappeared.

I remember, though, that from the pandemic’s beginning, our response has mimicked the exercise’s worst-results scenario, to an inordinately great extent. The one they concluded was flawed, impractical, and would cause worldwide catastrophe.

I’ve been a pandemic skeptic from the start. When my little town had signs posted on every block that said “Danger! Stay home!” and they’d closed all the gyms, I hiked 5 miles a day outdoors, pretty much every day, until my bad foot (I’d had Achilles surgery) let me know I was overdoing it. I stopped here and there on street-side benches that weren’t covered in yellow tape, and I wrote for a while on my phone—I ended up writing a personalized book for each of our four young grandkids’ birthdays, as a way to stay sane. Along with the books, I started writing articles, published here.

When they yellow-taped the parks and the beaches, I railed against the stupidity of it. People told me I was nuts to say that sunlight was the best disinfectant, that there was no danger being outside. I also said that masks were of no practical use, that they caused more problems and psychological harm than they did stop the virus, and for that, also, I got shut down.

I countered this by making “useless” masks to wear around, constructed of dark, extremely loose-woven material. My theory was that we need to breathe freely and take in the ambient germs in the air to keep our immune systems “exercised.” I believed that if I was healthy, with a strong immune system, I’d be less likely to get very sick.

So far, I’ve stayed very healthy. I’ve also refused to be vaccinated, despite being a “senior citizen,” and I have no regrets. I tried to convince our children to avoid the jabs but, alas, all of them have taken it, along with their spouses. I told them, not long after the vaccination drive started, that I would remain unvaccinated so that, if the biologic they were allowing into their systems had dangerous or lethal side-effects, I would be there for our grandchildren. Of course, they thought I was crazy and probably still do.

I’m not crazy. At this point, my view of COVID has boiled down to two questions: Is this a conspiracy of the global elites to decimate the population of the world, or is the vaccination drive and all the accompanying obfuscation of the havoc it’s causing simply evil greed on the part of the vaccine manufacturers, and others with a financial stake in the jabs? And, in the long-term, will the dire predictions come true? I can only pray they won’t. Time will tell.

I wonder who would do the things we are doing if it isn’t a conspiracy of some sort? Now we’re jabbing innocent children, who rarely die from COVID, with a biologic known to cause serious heart ailments, even death, in youth. This cannot be forgiven yet, in my town, families are lining their teens up to take the shots. Note, also, that the effects of our pandemic response, worldwide, have proven particularly cruel to poor children, per UNICEF.

I guess everyone is too busy, too invested in the government being right (I’m in California, after all), or simply too trusting of people who, I’m pretty sure, don’t have our best interests in mind. Yes, we have a reporting system for adverse reactions, which has thousands of vaccine-caused deaths and hundreds of thousands of other serious reactions reported, but nobody appears to care. We’ve stopped counting post-vaccine infections nationwide, too. I don’t want to think this is an evil conspiracy but how can I not wonder?

The oft-misquoted phrase, that the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, is the only answer. I’d like to ask—wish I could demand—that all members of congress and other US government higher-ups, starting with Dr. Fauci, get tested to determine if they took the vaccine or got a fake injection. Maybe in a very carefully constructed, anonymized program with lots of other people too, so they can’t cheat. Sounds kooky, I know—except we just got that pesky report saying that the very people demanding we not save lives using ivermectin are secretly using it themselves.

UPDATE: Regarding Ivermectin, a new study from Argentina again showed that the drug is effective in treating COVID.

Image by Andrea Widburg.

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