Books indoctrinating children in LGBTQism are everywhere

From the moment I learned to read, I became a compulsive reader, working my way through the children’s bookshelves at my local public library. I preferred history (both fiction and non-fiction) but became well acquainted with all the children’s books at my local library. Nowadays, though, if I had small children, I’d be loath to send them alone into the children’s reading room, lest they face a barrage of literature telling them about the wonderful world of alternative sexualities and sexual identities.

Homosexuality is not a sudden discovery of the modern age. However, it should be – and is -- a very minority behavior because it has no genetic purpose. The primary purpose behind every living thing is to procreate. That we humans do more is because fire allowed us to maximize our ability to gain nutrients from food, while spending relatively little time eating and digesting, and because of those incredibly useful opposable thumbs we have.

Also, homosexuality is not a healthy lifestyle and that’s true no matter how accepting society is. People on the LGBTQ+ spectrum have more alcoholism, drug abuse, partner abuse, depression, and suicide than boring old heterosexuals. (Suicide is especially high amongst so-called “transgender” people.)

Of course, that doesn’t mean that every person on the LGBTQ+ spectrum has these problems, only that, on average, they’re more likely to have them. Indeed, you only need to look at a few Libs of Tik Tok videos to recognize that so many people who have decided to embrace LGBTQism are not happy:

Not happy at all. Still, as an article in City Journal explains, the American Booksellers Association is working hard to get into libraries (and homes) books that aggressively sell LGBTQism to children:

Recently, I perused three emails from bookstores offering children’s book recommendations from a national “Indie Next” program organized by the American Booksellers Association (ABA). Amid 93 new books, all published since May, I couldn’t find one that would appeal to my boys. The choices included a “feel-good contemporary romance” about a young trans athlete fighting against a “discriminatory law targeting trans athletes”; a book about a young lesbian with pansexual and nonbinary friends who denounced her white privilege; a “queer coming of age story” about a young lesbian who joins the boy’s football team; a young-adult novel about genderfluidity by a non-binary writer who is the mother of a transgender child; a “tale of self-discovery” about a bisexual love triangle; a book about a transgender witch named Wyatt; and a “fabulously joyful” novel about “drag, prom, and embracing your inner queen” that featured “a fat, openly gay boy stuck in a small West Texas town.” Other titles included the tale of a Puerto Rican eighth-grader who “navigates . . . the systemic pressures of toxic masculinity and housing insecurity in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn”; a young-adult thriller with a bisexual protagonist that explores the “politics of systemic racism”; and Don’t Hate the Player, a novel about gamers I thought would appeal to the boys until I realized it was about a young feminist battling misogyny from the “male-dominated gaming community.”

The author, Dave Seminara, notes that the books have every non-heterosexual sexuality and every non-White race. What’s missing are White males. Considering that White men are dropping out of society, he asks, “Given that reality, and the fact that boys read for pleasure far less than girls, shouldn’t there be a push to get underprivileged white boys reading at an early age?”

But of course, the point of books nowadays isn’t to broaden minds; it’s to narrow them. Children must be labeled and indoctrinated.

I wrote yesterday about the fact that Loudoun County Public Schools seem to have been remiss about their legal obligation to notify Virginia’s Department of Education about sexual assaults on school grounds. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is a chronic problem in American schools.

The Loudoun County cover-up reminded me very strongly of what the Catholic Church in America stands accused of having done for several decades: It hid sexual abuse by lying and shifting priests from parish to parish. Now, the same Progressives who reveled in exposing the Church’s wrongdoings have been remarkably quiet about what’s going on in public schools.

When you think about it, that makes sense. These schools are their version of parochial schools, where they indoctrinate children in the church of leftism, which is predicated not on economics but on identity politics. The books they’re pushing for classrooms, school libraries, and public libraries are the new catechism.

Concerned parents had better fight back soon because time is running out.

Image: Amazon page for The Passing Playbook.

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