Biden’s not the only politician to use his office to turn a profit

Our American media has always been singularly uninterested in how Joe Biden, who has spent all but four years since 1972 in public office, managed to amass a fortune equal to at least $8 million, and possibly as much as $25 million (although he still managed to stiff the government of $500,000 in taxes). Biden, however, is not the only government official to get rich, very, very rich. An organization called the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists obtained a treasure trove called the Pandora Papers, showing how 35 past and present world leaders, as well as 300 other public officials, have amassed massive sums of money and hidden them outside of their own countries.

A lot of the money, of course, is in the hands of known oligarchs from Vladimir Putin’s circles. However, it’s not just the Putin gang that’s been making bank from politics. Here are just some of the things the Pandora Papers reveal:

They reveal that former British prime minister Mr Blair and his wife Cherie saved some $434,000 (£321,000) in stamp duty when they bought an office in London by purchasing the offshore company that owned it.

Meanwhile Russian President Mr Putin was linked to secret assets in Monaco, while an offshore company owned by his alleged lover purchased a $4.1million apartment below the principality’s casino.


Meanwhile, the King of Jordan was able to secretly add £70million worth of property to his portfolios in the UK and US - mainly in Malibu, California and in London and Ascot, the papers showed.


The release of the documents could not have come at a worse time for Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis - who is facing an election later this week - as they show how he failed to declare an offshore investment company used to purchase two villas for $16.2million in the south of France.


Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and his family and close associates snapped up more than $500million (£400million) worth of property in the UK, the papers revealed.

It’s not just politicians who have been hiding their money. Claudia Schiffer and Shakira did too. However, those two women have got talent to sell. They’ve offered the public a product for which the public has willingly paid.

The politicians, on the other hand, can only be selling access to power. Even if the tax havens aren’t illegal, everybody ought to ask how people who create nothing of value become so stinkin’ rich. The only answer is graft. Politicians are siphoning off ordinary people’s money or, as the “Joe and Hunter Biden Hustle” shows, they’re selling favors to rich people and foreign governments, something that always harms everyday citizens.

Indeed, at this point, if you’re not thinking of Joe Biden and his son Hunter, or his brother James, or anyone else in the Biden clan who’s become very, very rich thanks to Joe’s political career, you’re not paying attention. Joe may be a terrible politician who’s been practically or morally wrong on every major issue since he entered politics, plus he’s a guy whose foot is permanently inserted in his mouth, but he’s not the fool his political opponents think he is.

Instead, Biden is a guy who’s elevated political corruption to an art form, taking him from the Senate to the Vice President’s office and, finally, to the Oval office. He’s a bad politician but a good corruptocrat—and the Pandora Papers prove that he’s got lots of company.

Every day, in every way, the Democrats, whether in the White House, Congress, the military, or anywhere else, are dragging our once-great American constitutional democratic republic closer and closer to being a failing banana republic—and Joe Biden is, in so many ways, the embodiment of our nation’s fall.

Image: Joe and Hunter Biden. YouTube screen grabs.

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