Biden the puppet

If the president's falling poll number reports are to be believed, Joe Biden could make history as the worst American president ever.  But let's not forget one important thing: Biden takes the heat and pays the price in the opinion polls so the rest of the Democrats can remain hidden in the shadows.  Joe Biden is not behind everything that is hurting in America today: soaring inflation, rising gas prices, growing supply shortages, increasing food prices, a skyrocketing border crisis, ongoing employment shortages, and everything else that negatively impacts Americans.

The Democrat party gave Joe Biden his presidency because it knew that Biden's mental acuity was not sound enough to make difficult decisions.  Party members knew that putting Biden in the White House would leave them in the powerful position to make destructive decisions, knowing that he would go along because he is a Democrat and knowing the party had given Biden the gift of the presidency with his presidential portrait to eventually be unveiled in the White House's East Room.

The Democrat party is making decisions and hiding safely from their voters in the shadow of Joe Biden's name.  How else do you explain the dozen or more executive orders ready for his signature on his first day in office?  Biden didn't write those executive orders.  The Democrat politicians wrote them, and it's a sure bet that those same power-hungry Democrats are still pulling Biden's strings nearly ten months into his presidency.

Come election time, the Democrats will reveal themselves on the campaign trail, knowing Joe Biden will be blamed for America's ills and leaving them to run a blame-free but false campaigns.  It is time the American people woke to this realization instead of falling for the woke lies spread by the Democrat politicians and their media puppets, lies that are giving them yet further places to hide.

It is time to fight back against the Democrats, not only at the federal level, but at the state and local levels, too.  If Americans continue electing these power-hungry elitists into political office, we can expect a never-ending battle for our freedom that will eventually become a never-ending battle for our lives.

Robert Barlow, Jr. is a retired military veteran of 27 years who has closely followed politics since the Clinton administration and writes novels and about politics.

Image: National Archives.

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