Biden resurrects infamous 'waitress sandwich' story to haunt Chris Dodd

On Friday, October 15, Joe Biden flew to Connecticut for two public speaking events.  The first one was in Hartford to tout his Build Back Better agendum; after he spoke there, he motored up I-84 to the University of Connecticut at Storrs in order to dedicate the new Dodd Center there, which is named after the father-son Senators Dodd, both of whom represented Connecticut in the U.S. Senate.

Within one minute after he commenced talking, Biden iterated a lie so brazen that it leaves one shaking his head in disbelief.

He tried to exculpate Sen. Chris Dodd of the highly credible accusation that Dodd once co-participated with Sen. Fat Boy Teddy Bare Kennedy in the sexual assault of a waitress, in that Kennedy pushed her onto a dining table, then into Dodd's lap, whereupon they made a human sex sandwich out of her.  Basically, Biden denied the accusation and went out of his way to claim that Dodd has always treated waitresses in particular wonderfully.

Biden's relevant remarks commence at the 0:59 mark of this video.

0:59 – ... Chris and I have known each other for a long time.   But if you'll excuse the point of personal privilege as we used to say in the Senate, I saw up close, how he fought for human rights and human dignity in the Senate.  Do you know my measure, Madame Ambassador and Ambassador Kennedy?  You know what my measure is?

People who tell me they care about people and then disrespect the waitress or a waiter. People who tell me they care about how, in fact, people are entitled to be treated with dignity, and walk by someone at a shoe side stand and doesn't say "hello."  People who do not do just simply decent things for ordinary people. That's the real measure.

I've never seen Chris, figuratively speaking, walk by anybody ...

FACT CHECK TIME: According to this FOX News story quoted below – which in turn quotes from and cites this story from GQ from February 1, 1990:

"According to a 1990 profile of Ted Kennedy in GQ, a drunken Dodd allegedly joined the late Massachusetts senator in sexually assaulting Carla Gaviglio, who was a waitress at the now-shuttered La Brasserie restaurant on Capitol Hill.

"'As Gaviglio enters the room, the six-foot-two, 225-plus-pound Kennedy grabs the five-foot-three, 103-pound waitress and throws her on the table,' GQ recounted. 'She lands on her back, scattering crystal, plates and cutlery and the lit candles. Several glasses and a crystal candlestick are broken.'

"'Kennedy then picks her up from the table and throws her on Dodd, who is sprawled in a chair,' the magazine continued. 'With Gaviglio on Dodd's lap, Kennedy jumps on top and begins rubbing his genital area against hers, supporting his weight on the arms of the chair.

"GQ said Gaviglio ran from the room 'bruised, shaken and angry over what she considered a sexual assault.' The owner of La Brasserie corroborated Gaviglio's account at the time, as did another waitress and two busboys."

Obviously, GQ's account flatly contradicts Biden's false defense of Dodd.

A question occurs to me: there are thousands of occupations that ordinary people fill.  Cab-drivers, farmers, fishermen, secretaries, etc., etc. — the list is endless.  Biden could have mentioned any of these occupations, and thereby avoid someone like myself inevitably connecting the dots (I'm tempted to write "connecting the Dodds"), noting that Dodd's own sordid past provably and wholly contradicts Biden's words of praise, and makes Dodd look even more like a lecherous sot, by reopening this old story.

Did not Biden or his speechwriters realize this?  Did they not understand this?

It's inconceivable that Biden has never heard of the story of the time Fat Boy Teddy Bare and Dodd made a human sex sandwich out of the waitress.  The story has been public knowledge now for at least thirty years.  Biden was in the Senate with both men when they did it.  Biden knew both very well.

It's not possible that Biden never heard the story.

I therefore conclude that Biden knew exactly what he was saying in Storrs on Friday.  He was consciously trying to excuse Dodd's sexual assault.   He was trying to whitewash the inexcusable and make it go away.

It's beyond disgusting.

Image: David Berkowitz via Flickr (cropped), CC BY 2.0.

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