Biden and his nitwit advisors urge foreign producers to pump more oil

Joe Biden, his spokeswoman Jen Psaki. and others in their orbit want foreign producers to drill more fossil fuels because for some reason we don't have enough energy over here.

Here's a humorous but sad statement from an "energy advisor" in the White House, as reported by the Daily Signal: 

Nation in ‘Energy Crisis,’ White House Adviser Says

A top White House official said there was an “energy crisis” in the U.S. and urged foreign fossil-fuel producers to ramp up production to quell it.

“We see this as an energy crisis because this is not just natural gas prices that have been elevated, but crude oil is at very high levels at the moment … and gasoline prices in the United States today are at seven-year highs as natural gas peaks at the same time,” White House energy adviser Amos Hochstein remarked during a virtual event hosted by the International Energy Forum on Thursday. “So I think this is an energy crisis.”'

It's as if Biden didn't shut down drilling and pipelines over here. 

That couldn't have caused the problems. It is probably Trump's fault. That is who they always blame.

It's as if Democrats aren't shooting for carbon zero by 2030 and trying to destroy anyone who produces and uses oil, natural gas, and coal.

It's as if the Democrats didn't have a theatrical hearing to destroy and bankrupt the oil producers, with no evidence, that they cause temperatures to rise and climate change. They were told they owe billions in damages to many countries.

It's as if oil producers didn't greatly increase the length and quality of life of everyone who has used their products in the last 10 years.

It's as if oil didn't greatly improve productivity. 

I wonder why the oil producers won't use their profits to drill when the Democrats threaten them every day and call them evil.

I wonder why we are short of supply and prices are up. across the board. Could it be that energy costs affect the price of everything?

These concepts are so hard (for Democrats) to understand. 

Of course, the solution is to have foreign producers produce more -- so that Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia can have more power and make more money. Their oil won't affect the temperatures and climate, by the logic of these Bidenites, so it is O.K.

It is a shame that most Biden officials, most supposed journalists, and other Democrats couldn't win an intelligence contest against a fifth-grader. 

These Biden advisors, along with Biden, are all dimwits and dangerous to our economic survival as a great country.

Let's go Brandon!

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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